May 20, 2007

My Spidey Sense Says...

We saw Spiderman 3, which turned out to be a 90 minute movie with a 2 hour 10 minute body. It’s amazing how no one can edit a movie anymore. There was this sand man villian who, like the godly Melchiezdech, seemingly came from nowhere and then disappeared. If I found it hard to care about these characters, how much less do I of the characters on 24. Manishevitz but this guy named Mi-low (sp?) got shot and, like Johnny, we hardly knew ye. He courageously said he was in charge of CTU and the terrorists shot him in the head, but it was nothing like losing Edgar last year. How different was NBC’s Friday Night Lights. You cared about those characters.

The writers who flesh out the characters on 24 and Spiderman 3, call to mind Casey Stengel’s lament: “can’t anyone here play this game?”

But Spiderman 3 wasn’t a waste by any means. The movie had a certain gravitas simply by nature of its message. There was a chilling scene of the newspaper photographer who, saved by Spiderman from a viscous black liquid that binds to your skin & metaphorically your soul, leaped back towards the viscous black liquid. Leaped towards his physical and moral death. You want freedom? There’s your free will in action. This movie screamed that actions have consequences which makes it bracing in a way that “Superman” or “Batman” or any other recent superhero film hasn’t been.

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