May 18, 2007

They Don't Get It After All

The first time I saw this Kohler television ad I missed the first twelve seconds or so.

Seeing only the last half I thought: they get it! They understand! At last, someone who understands.

In the picture at left, our protagonist is obviously pouring a whole bag of dog food down the toilet in effort to establish his dominance over a previously recalcitrant foe! He is doing the mild-mannered homeowner equivalent of the endzone dance!

I knew I had to post a link to the commercial on this site. I found it on the Kohler website but was gravely disappointed when I viewed the whole thing and saw that he was repeatedly flushing objects down the toilet not in a re-enactment of Hitler at the Arc de Triomphe but merely due to base sexual motivation. How grossly disappointing. No wonder I didn't buy a Kohler.

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