June 28, 2007

It's Not Just the Dems

I recently pilloried Hillary for gaming the system and playing political footsies with O'Bama in order to keep her presidential aspirations alive and well.

Well, what's good for the goose is good for the gander -- apparently even those sitting at 1% in the polls feel the need to play games in order to keep presidential aspirations alive (albeit aspirations surviving on a respirator). Turns out Sam Brownback changed his vote on the immigration bill after he saw the outcome. Bad thing about being so high alphabetically.

On the flip side, McCain, like Bush, would rather be wrong than switch -- showing that the presidential candidate class of '08 is a dismal one indeed.

Our Ohio senators both switched sides when the writing was on the wall. Voinovich is a particularly interesting character because he has to balance his deep arrogance against accountability to the voters, which is why he bristled when he said that he refused to be blackmailed and threatened by those who say "vote this way or you'll be out of a job". One would think that that sort of "blackmail" comes with the territory? I mean it is an elected office after all. I recall him voting for the Bush tax cuts only after incredible consternation, the consternation of knowing that if he did not he could lose his job.

I know the senate is the imperial branch of Congress and we live in a republic and that all senators are naturally arrogant with some hiding it better than others but still... Can it be good to be so openly contemptuous? Voinovich, whose aide once shrugged off a caller with a cold, "who else are you going to vote for?", takes elitism to the nth degree. I'm not one in favor of direct democracy California-style but neither do I see treating constituents contemptuously as a hopeful sign.

In a nutshell it's the problem with politics since day one - either you have an arrogant king who misrules or you have an unruly mob who misrules. Choose your poison.

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