June 27, 2007

Links & Controversies

I wanted to use this space to write a parody regarding she-whose-name-will-not-grace-this-blog (hint: a debutante jailed). But that seemed a waste of time. Instead I'd rather talk about something really important - the decline in the integrity of country song lyrics as occasioned by my disappointment in an Ohio State Buckeye non-mention.

Oh sure I realize country songs have been as commoditized as soap and laundry detergent. But you can imagine my dismay when I heard Montgomery Gentry's song, "Lucky Man" with the lyric about a "Buckeye loss". Well, it turns out that that's the lyric for the Central Ohio audience. The rest of the country hears: "Last Sunday when the Bengals lost". Now the latter is more believable but still this sort of tailoring to geographic region is like films where you choose the ending. The ending is the writer's job; I don't want to be catered to like that.

Yes, that was much more important than writing about she-whose-name-will-not-grace-this-blog.

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Elsewhere a Cornerite talks about beer and theology. Here too.

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Save the Indian Mound!

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One of the joys of commenting on other blogs is going where the writer wanted to go but felt constrained. Karen Hall understandably didn't want to use the line "baby we were born to pun!" however irresistable (and it proved so for me) in this Sprinsteen-ian post but professed it had occurred to her.

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