September 29, 2007

2007 Cellphone Photograph Exhibition: The Sequel

Back! By popular demand...(okay, blame Roz.) By way of introduction, allow me this prefatory anecdote:

Years ago I was aboard a sailship at Plymouth Rock where re-enactors went about their daily 17th-century business, occasionally taking questions while remaining in character. (They showed a curious lack of curiosity in not commenting on the odd fashions we were wearing, such as tennis shoes and baseball caps.)

It was asked how they managed to engage in marital relations in such cramped, public quarters. One of the crewmen (or sea men if you must) replied: "privacy is something granted to you, not taken by you."

And so it is that artistic inspiration in the form of Artistic Cellphone Photographs is something granted to me occasionally and not taken by me. Therefore, in other words, I cannot create on demand without a corresponding sufferance of quality. So I offer these to you humbly, aware that they will surely not have the impact on future generations that the previous photographs had:

Doggie blues, © 2007


Dark Night, © 2007


Silos, Down in the Valley, © 2007


Questionmark Tail, © 2007

For reasons unfathomable, gallery sales of my previous exhibition have been "sluggish". Hopefully this collection will incite greater interest. Our marketing team here plainly sucks.

But enough crass commercialism. You want an explanation of the artworks...

  • Doggie blues was created in the very early morning (8:30 AM - equivalent to 4AM for non-artistic, corporate types!) in the autumn in order to get the deep, almost blue, shadows. The dog in question, a fine specimen of German shepherd and Lab heritage, cooperated by moving around so as to blur the picture and give a sense of the surreal.

  • Dark Night's opaque effect was achieved by taking a picture at late dusk, giving a fabulous sense of the artistic possibilities of nighttime photographs taken without a flash. Many a would-be artist may well have taken such photos and thrown them away thinking them a "mistake". Au contraire! Oh felix culpa! As you can see, this photograph speaks volumes and is available in a special 10' by 12' mural sizing.

  • Silos, Down in the Valley was slated for the first cellphone art exhibition earlier this week but was held in abeyance for a buyer who was attempting to get financing for purchase before the gallery opened. Unfortunately for him the financing fell through, so this art is now available for purchase. It depicts winsome country farm silos protected by a buffer of trees against the gathering gloom. (Pricing special: $999 matted, through end of day Saturday only.)

  • On a lighter note, Questionmark Tail is sure to be a crowd favorite. It's a very accessible piece that explores the nature of dog and man and God. Taken through the window of a door, the dog wants to get in the house - who doesn't!? - and receive his "good morning treat". Longing to get to this feast, his tail forms the questionmark with the implicit question: "What's taking so long Dad?"
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