September 26, 2007

2007 Video Meliora... Cellphone Photoblog Exhibition

Regular readers know my pretensions of being a great photographer. It's certainly a vocation I've spent many minutes working on over the past few years.

Today I'd like to unveil a series of photos I call my Decolletage Collection, not because the title is particularly descriptive of the art you are about to see (although it is an unveiling of sorts) but because I've heard it said, though can't officially confirm, that "sex sells" and, well, my family's gotta eat.

This year's offerings were taken at various locations using a high speed cell phone camera using ASA 400 with chromatic overspeed settings while wearing wind-resistant clothing. No digital enhancements were made; absolutely no re-touching or photoshopping were done.

Each can be purchased (framed with free shipping on orders over $2,000; matting extra except where stated). Prices start at $999 and are available upon request.

Cornucopia  © 2007   (matted $999)


Tread mark  © 2007


Knuckle Ridge, © 2007


White Streak in Dark Sky
That Could be a UFO but Luckily
I Wasn't Transported into their Alien
Spaceship and Forced to a Physical Exam
Without My Consent
, © 2007

I consider viewers to be participants in my art and thus all interpretations are as welcome as they are valid. However, I will elaborate on the background of each and what went on during the image capturing process for the sake of future generations. I give and I give.

  • Cornucopia was something I'd spent about a year and a half on. The idea was to represent the juxtaposition of the rural and the urban via the automobile mirror and the farm fields; some have called it "Globalization-meets-Mayberry". The blur in the foreground was of course intentional and represents the confusion that occurs when urban and rural meet, like when on Green Acres Mr. Douglas would go to Mr. Drucker's store and there'd be a misunderstanding of some sort.

  • Tread mark was a fast favorite of my youngest (Seth, age 5.) I think he immediately saw the depth in it as well as its accessibility. A curved road with dead corn stalks on one side and green grass on the other, this is a Midwestern improvisation on Savannah's "bird girl", the statue with the scales of right and wrong on her shoulders made famous by the bestseller Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.

  • Knuckle Ridge was difficult to title. For awhile I called it Untitled but untitled works always make one feel like the artist had a brain cramp and was too lazy to even title his work! (Whether Untitled is a title I'll leave to the philosophers.) White Knuckled Driver was rejected and Knuckle'd Ridge was thought to be too folksy. The composition of the photograph is central to its interpretation, but I'll leave that to the viewer since the title itself required so much creative energy.

  • White Streak in Dark Sky That Could be a UFO but Luckily I Wasn't Transported into their Alien Spaceship and Forced to a Physical Exam Without My Consent seems to be a crowd-pleaser. One can feel the danger in it, in the darkness and the speed at which the camera appears to be moving. Fortunately the tension and uncertainty is relieved and released in the title -- a title that assures the viewer that the photographer was not captured and forced to submit to a degrading physical examination - at least that he knows of since many learn of their abductions only years later! (Pardon me while I check for any unusual markings...)
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