September 25, 2007

At the Concert Hall

My good friend Ham o' Bone recently witnessed another culture. Two Amish boys didn't know he was in the restroom:


"A quick peak through the crack and I saw Amish youth. Feasible in their drab colors, angelic beings tucked away and hidden for the glory of God, two boys headed for the glossy upright urinals. The younger boy chanted wonder, his voice all gilt echoes and amazed marble resonance. I shrank back into my dark corner and considered raising my feet for anonymity's sake.

Ten: "...this building is wonderful. The rooms with their high ceilings and the walls all covered with magnificent designs." This boy doesn't sound like he's been public-schooled.

Fourteen: "It was built a long time ago." The elder has learned to downplay emotion. Head AND heart.

Ten: "I love sitting high up above the orchestra and feeling STABLE. And everything is clean. Look around. Marble floors and velvet - "

Fourteen: "Some of it is a facade."
Oops. My invisible shield just ran out of batteries...There was an unseen communication between brothers.
Fourteen: "Silly, that's what this room is for."

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