September 24, 2007

Inevitable Evita?

Like Sherman marching to the sea, the Hill-cat marches relentlessly through the Democratic primary season towards the general election. She couldn't have chosen her field of fellow primary candidates any better: she appears fresh compared to Biden and Dodd, experienced next to OBama, smart compared to Edwards. I suspect there's been a vast left wing conspiracy to get her the primary nomination.

It seems ironic that a feminist would become the perfect Stepford candidate. She always remembers to smile because, you know, the voter wants to come home after a hard day at work to a smiling candidate. There's little meat. Poor Biden and Edwards try to give substance; Clinton and Obama understand that the voter doesn't want details so much as a good story, such as being the first woman or black president. Don't let the message get in the way of the image.

Peggy Noonan wrote in 1999 that with Hillary every time she could do some real good, at a crucial time, she didn't: "I cannot think of a single time in seven years that she jeopardized her position with her base to make progress for her country." Of course, one could say that of many politicians.

Yesterday in an interview she promised "quality, affordable health care" which is one for the oxymoron file. Mediocre, affordable health care is attainable as is quality, expensive health care. It takes a liberal to promise quality, affordable health care.

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