September 27, 2007

No Diversity in Diversity Education

Every year we have to go through a painfully dull online course touting the benefits of diversity and inclusion. (It used to be just diversity, now inclusion is included.)

It's like having to go through rehab without having a drinking problem. Of course they would say we're in denial. We're all guilty until proven innocent.

This year promised another excrutiating forty-five minutes of re-education camp rhetoric and I figured I could surely write one of these things by now. In fact, I thought, why not skip to the end and see if I can pass without going through the mind-numbing, IQ-swallowing tedium? If I can answer the questions then isn't that what they're after? Sort of like course credits for comping out?

You can imagine my glee as I skipped to the ending quiz. I needed only 70% to receive credit.

Yet some of the questions were extremely difficult:

I nearly got tricked into choosing the "keeps difficult people away" answer.

Other questions begged an edit:

After question 7 I'd guaranteed I'd finish with 70% or better and thus had changed forty-five minutes into five. I toasted my ability to "think outside the box" and work more efficiently.

But wait!


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