October 25, 2007

Every Day, Now, is a Free Day
This about the injured Bob Woodruff...
“You can see why I think every day, now, is a free day,” he said, his voice soft but firm...“The good news is that I’m getting my ability to do journalism again,” he said. “It’s probably not going to be 100 percent in the same way it was before. But in some ways I’m 120 percent better than I was before. My wife has even said I was kind of a jerk sometimes, and now I’m not.”
...reminded me of this by St. Augustine:
What then takes place in the soul, when it is more delighted at finding or recovering the things it loves, than if it had ever had them?...A friend is sick, and his pulse threatens danger; all who long for his recovery are sick in mind with him. He is restored, though as yet he walks not with his former strength; yet there is such joy, as was not, when before he walked sound and strong.

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