October 28, 2007

Jim Jones, Waco & Gay Marriage

Why should lefty conspiracists have all the fun? There are some rightist conspiracists and whether he's right or wrong Jack Cashill, whom I caught on C-Span recently, is interesting. And Cashill, unlike the "9/11 was an inside job" loony left, is sane. See, for example, his links on TWA 800.

He was promoting a book ("What Happened to California?") and was full of little factoids, like the fact that the media liked to portray the Waco tragedy as a right-wing Christian redneck cult. Certainly that was my impression. But 39 of 74 were minorities including 27 blacks. If Jesse Jackson had known that he might've been down there protesting Janet Reno's decision.

I also didn't know that cultist Jim Jones killed 250 children. (3-year olds, for example, can't commit suicide.) Who among us knew that Jones, just a year before the mass suicide, was awarded humanitarian of the year by the L.A. Times? That's even more embarrassing than awarding Gore the Nobel Peace Prize. (And then some.) Jones was a Communist who said that he told reporters he was a Communist and couldn't understand why they never reported it. He said the only way for America to become a Communist nation was to bring it to the churches.

Cashill also said that gay marriage isn't about homosexuality, and no one need be accused of being homophobic if they are against it. He said that ten years ago gays couldn't care less about gay marriage - it wasn't even on their radar. He said the issue was the brainchild of family law activists who wanted to break down the family since that is the last bastion against socialism (the family being the institution that gives one the opportunity of independence).

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