October 31, 2007

McCain v. Romney

Ramesh Ponnuru gets reactions here and here:
But let's say I'm right: that Mormonism is a general-election liability in a year Republicans can't afford unnecessary liabilities. I would agree with this reader in considering this situation unfair—and I think his suggestion that NR run an editorial on this point is an excellent one.
The worst things said about McCain - his weakness on immigration and campaign finance - I suppose I can live with if the alternative is Hillary Clinton. Romney's chief liabilities - his Mormonism and flip-flopping - I can also live with, but will McCain's liabilities be worse than Romney's in the general election? I think there's unfortunately little doubt that Romney's would be greater in the general election. I say unfortunately because I think Romney would likely be a more competent president.

If there's one thing we Ohioans have learned over the past decade is that one-party rule flat out doesn't work. It killed us in the statehouse and it wasn't all that successful on a national level either. If it's true that as Ohio goes, so goes the nation, then I hope my fellow Ohioans will not allow the Dems to control all branches of government starting in '08.

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