December 28, 2007

Another Contributer to the Police Endowment Fund

I see our friend and blogging colleague Jim (or "Ji", email me Jim if you don't know why) got pulled over for a speeding ticket. He fought the law, and the law won.

They put a sign up 17 feet from the roadway if'n you can believe that, and then a police cruiser sneakily parked just beyond it.

I liked what he told the judge:
If the purpose of the 35 mph zone was to 'reduce accidents, injuries and death' then the sign should be moved to the same spot as all the other traffic signs-but that if it was a source of revenue then they best leave it where it was.
My prediction is the sign'll stay just where it is. Revenue doesn't grow on trees. The last time I got a ticky-tack ticket (for a right turn on a green light!) I tried to look at it this way: I'm helping some cop's child through college (say five times fast). Indirectly of course.

At Sunday brunch my stepson brought along a friend of his who reported that he got pulled over for his Jetta producing "gaseous emissions"! He said there was nothing wrong with his car whatsoever. Now there's a powerful tool for cops to pull people over, 'eh? Reminds me of the book "Burning to Read" as quoted a couple posts ago and how words are fragile and provide a pretext for power grabs (as Henry the VIII did) when stripped from context.

Rather than bring down the tone of this blog, I will omit making any 'gaseous emissions' jokes here. (Though please feel free to insert your own.)

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