June 04, 2008

Pflegermania II & "Last Chance to Schadenfreude"

I tend to forget that nothing I write regarding politics is original; if I look hard enough I can find what I'm thinking elsewhere. In this case Tim of First Things mirrors my wistful sentiments about Fr. Pfleger:
Pfleger, a white Catholic priest, was speaking in an ethno-emotional idiom not native to him. Successfully, too, it seemed. No small feat. What makes that especially impressive is that in my experience many Catholic priests seem daunted by the commission to speak in the emotional idiom of their own backgrounds, let alone someone else’s. Let’s be honest—it’s just rare to hear a good homily in a typical Catholic church unless you’ve done some advance scouting. I make this observation with regret and hope.
Well that's a bit too rough on our priests for my taste but I'll affirm the first part.

With the advent of 24/7 scandal-rich cable television, sooner or later every group gets their turn to get embarrassed, and we did with this Chicago priest-turned-Rich Little or something. Cringe-inducing television but then it's the cost of doing business in the YouTube age.

* * *

A bloggish equivalent to the phrase "last call for alcohol" is "last chance for schadenfreude" and I think that's pretty much the case with our dearly departed Democratic primary. It's time for conservatives to look back and smile at all the ironies and schadenfreudic moments with which we were gifted. Let's list them, shall we?

  • Republicans felt great solidarity with Hillary during this campaign because, as Mark Steyn recently wrote, Hillary now knows what being a Republican feels like. The great love and affection given to her opponent by the media is something conservatives routinely feel. For one, brief, shining moment Hillary felt our pain!

  • Conventional wisdom says that Republicans, not Democrats, are racist, sexist, and nameyourist-ist. So only in a Democratic primary could we experience the pleasure of Democrats, in real-time, being either racist or sexist. (Nothingwithstanding the idiocy of that; Henry explains for slow-witted MSM types.) The party of Affirmative Action has felt the bite of the hand that fed it.

  • Democrats are supposedly the party of the common man, Joe Sixpack, the direct vote and democracy writ-large. But then it turns out the party has superdelegates whose job is apparently to correct Joe Sixpack if he gets it wrong.

  • The party that generally eschews laws and dislikes disciplinary actions made a rule warning Michigan and Florida that if they moved their primary dates up, their votes wouldn't count. Michigan and Florida, being good Democratic anarchists, moved their primaries up. But now it turns out the national party is sticking to its guns kinda/sorta, for MI & FL look like they'll count for the square root of half of their normal delegates, or something like that - apparently some sort of random number was generated, much like the Democrat-party delegate-apportionating process which no one except a few political wonks would care to understand. Now that's the Democratic party we know (think the proposed complicated health care plan in '93).
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