December 20, 2008

Week in Review

A little Tom T. Hall plays on the stereo as vacation fades in the background such that I can get a bit weepy-eye’d in nostalgia over reading of Richard J. Neuhaus’s two weeks spent reading Dickens and drinking Jack Daniels at dusk. Sounds like the perfect time to me and I especially liked the “two” part in the phrase “two weeks”.

This week was chockful of meetings such that my Lotus Notes calendar looked as tattoo’d as a 20-something bar fly. The week before Christmas week has a generally antebellum feel to it but there were enough meetings such that I can only think our extrovert bosses scheduled them in order to fill their days.

Got my haircut and noted disapprovingly the slightly receding hairline. I thought I’d been grandfathered into the “will keep his hair” club. I blame it on a lack of exercise, as I do most things. “Barb the barber” said she was always sure of her vacation even though she said her parents hadn’t named her “Barb” for alliteration purposes.

I’m looking forward to long reads from Updike’s latest (“Widows of Eastwick”) and tastinesses from the best book of ’08, “Render Under Caesar”. On “The Education of Henry Adams”, well, I’m hoping Adams gets a more positive attitude soon and/or gets a good education.


mrsdarwin said...

Dude! Comments! You're shakin' up the format here.

TS said...

Yep it's a crazy new thing for me. I hear all the hip blogs have comments so thought I'd join the 21st century (already in progress).. :-)