August 05, 2009

Fr. Corapi

I've never been a big fan of EWTN's Fr. Corapi, thinking him cocky and un-nuanced and not particularly compassionate. I wondered if he got the gig simply for his marvelous voice, a deep, resonating "radio voice" if ever you heard one.

How wrong I was.

He sounded like someone who'd never had a moment's doubt, when, in fact, he had a sinful past when he fell away from the Church in a big way. I was oblivious to the path he's trod and this morning I heard him say that he hates to listen to himself and sometimes hates the words he is preaching, but he knows they are the absolute truth.

He - of all people! - is prone to discouragement and feels like quitting every day. (Reminds me of Mother Teresa's travails.)

I'd totally misjudged him and realize anew the truth of the cliche: "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle."

Art found in an email from the Sophia Institute.


Ellyn said...

I have always found him to be a most persuasive speaker. And if a little gruff, it is in the manner of those who have "been there" and do not want to sugar coat the truth. I can see how he was successful in real estate!

My husband and kids think he is a Patrick Stewart (Star trek, right?) doppelganger. In a good way...

TS said...

Yes, I can see the Patrick Stewart analogy. I think part of it is that I hunger for something other than his matter-of-fact presentation (something more exegetical ala Scott Hahn or Pope Benedict) rather than the 'straight dope' even though the latter is likely what I need to hear.

Enbrethiliel said...


One of my little brothers was in the room while I was catching up on some EWTN. He was sitting on the floor with his back to the TV, playing with his toys and not really paying attention. When an ad for one of Fr. Corapi's talks came on, my brother did a 180 turn and just stared.

I remember that one thing Fr. Corapi said was, "The devil's favourite colour is grey."

My brother said, "I thought the devil's favourite colour was black."

A "teaching moment" followed.

Now my brothers may listen to Fr. Corapi any time! =)

Roz said...

The first thing I ever heard from Fr. Corapi was his personal story -- an amazing account of huge grace. Though I happen to like his "call a spade a spade" style, thanks for the reminder to avoid criticalness toward those whose approach I might find disagreeable, but whose words deserve my ears.