November 09, 2009

Amendment Passes

In a pro-life legislative victory that both sides are calling the most significant since the ban on partial-birth abortion, the House of Representatives voted 240-194 on November 7 to bar the use of federal funds from paying for most abortions in its health care reform legislation.

See how your representative voted here.

The Ohio "Hall of Shame":
Ohio Representatives who voted the PRO-ABORTION position against the Stupak-Pitts Amendment were:
Dennis Kucinich; Marcia Fudge; Betty Sutton; and Mary Jo Kilroy.


William Luse said...

Good news, at least temporarily, though I'd note these lines from the article: "The future of the Stupak amendment is uncertain. If the Senate passes health care reform legislation, a conference committee will decide the amendment’s fate."

My scumbag congressman Grayson voted 'nay.'

TS said...

My scumbag congressman Grayson voted 'nay.'

Mine too: Kilroy, who herself was once a fetus...