November 04, 2009


Hit the library and picked up the PBS special "Wuthering Heights" and while I was there grabbed a few other books for the heck of it. Bringing home books has all the qualities of book shopping with none of the cost. It was a target rich environ and I wasn't particularly selective. David Liss's "The Devil's Company", "The Best of Gene Wolfe" and "A Syllable of Water: Twenty Writers of Faith Reflect on Their Art". Not bad actually. "Our Lady of Kibeho" was prominently displayed at the Columbus library. This from a town where Catholics represent only 10% of the population.

Speaking of that book, yesterday while our dog played the role of world's biggest lapdog, I was reading it, or trying to, when he ate the bookmark! Then he started to snap at the corner of the book. Later read a golden couple of sentences from Boundaries about whether you have a marriage based on the law or on grace:
Is the husband's relationship with his wife full of grace and unconditional love? Is she in a position of 'no condemnation' as the church is (Rom. 8:1), or does her husband fail to 'wash her' of all guilt? ..If she incurs wrath or condemnation for not submitting, she and her husband do not have a grace-filled Christian marriage; they have a marriage 'under the law.'"

"Kitty TV"
we joke about windows
the human television ignored
since our cat doesn't care
for the talking heads:
neither O'Reilly nor Olbermann
turns Laz's head.

But flip on Sunrise Earth
"The Skelligs of Ireland"
and wait patiently for the sun to rise
and the puffins to appear
and you'll have a cat
stalking the screen.

Had an abortive attempt at lunch last week to try the Netbookian experiment. Couldn't pick up a signal just outside the dismal Coffee Jo's at the Convention Center. (It had all the ambiance of a construction site.) Depressing gray clouds jutted from the windows which matched the color of the cheerless interior. The thing I need to remember is I can use my netbook without wifi - simply use the quite serviceable Microsoft Works processor.


Enbrethiliel said...


The only time I ever hit a dog was when I saw her chewing up some of my paperbacks. I grabbed her by the collar, screamed, "NO!" and whacked her with the paperback. She has never chewed up another book since.

Roz said...

In our house, "Kitty TV" was when the puss would sit on the glass top of the gerbil cage and peer hungrily.

Oh, by the way, how are your boundaries with your dog going?

TS said...

Unfortunately I think it's our dog setting boundaries rather than his purported master. :-)