July 07, 2010

On eReaders

I'm stunned by the indefatigability of the blogger at iReader Review. Who knew so much could be said about eReaders?


Jeff Miller said...

Well I could just about go on forever talking about eReaders. I have 5 different ones on my iPad for all the different stores and different copy protection schemes. Each of them have their advantages and disadvantages.

As to the article you pointed to I can understand the writers views. The Kindle is a single use device and as such does that job well. If someone wants an eReader with all the bells and whistles and other capabilities than they need a general use device such as the iPad or the Android tablets that will be coming out.

As a point of interest - at least to me - looking at the program I use to catalog my books I haven't read a traditional paper book since 23 May of this years and so my last 9 books have all been eBooks along with 9 audiobooks during the same period. So ebooks have become pretty important to me and in fact when I go to Amazon and find a book I want does not have a Kindle edition I am annoyed. Download now is Heaven for bookoholics.

I could also write a lot about eBook DRM - how I hate DRM. Just waiting for the publishers to learn the lesson of the music industry which finally realized DRM only punishes the users and not those who steal content. Until then luckily it is fairly easy to crack Kindle DRM and make an open ePub book that I can read in any eReader app I want.

TS said...

Actually, those eReader posts are like crack-cocaine to me - I could read them all day and neglect my actual eReader!.

I feel guilty about supporting the Kindle and DRM.