October 20, 2010


Hyp-mo-tized by life of a Catholic apologist post-scandal, in this case one who left his wife and took the kids. Is there public Catholicism after scandal? Apparently so, though he removed his name from his website and refers to himself on the site by the royal "we". The urge to opine publicly and connect via the internet seems an irresistible impulse, and if what you are interested in happens to be faith matters, then that is what you'll continue to opine on, scandal or no scandal.

What's more surprising is it seems he still has an audience, as evidenced by the fact that he mentions getting a heated reaction to his anti-pants commentary. He writes how pants show a figure better: "Sadly, and we understand you may not be aware of this, but almost every style of pants reveals private information about your figure (by way of contour) what only your husband... should perceive."

I'm always fascinated by the juxtaposition of shamelessness and Christianity, of how Jesus ate with tax collectors and prostitutes and how sin does not ultimately conquer Christianity or define us. Jim Bakker, Robert Hanssen, Jimmy Swaggert - these are the folks who are fallen "but somehow rise" (to borrow from John Mellancamp's "Little Pink Houses") post-forgiveness.

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Gregg the Obscure said...

The anti-pants screed is of course funny and sad, but underneath all that (ha!) there's a valid point: what we do impacts others in ways we may not anticipate, let alone intend. Sadly the anti-pantser fails to see that the impact of his screed is exactly opposed to the one he wants. His credibility is diminished because he's consumed with concern about one bad thing that the rest of the world doesn't recognize as being bad at all. Same thing happened with one Bob Sungenis and, as I see it, seems to be happening with a highly prominent Catlick blogger of great longevity. Heck, I quit blogging because the same thing was happening to me. Good thing I didn't have more talent or audience.