October 12, 2010

This & That...

Grilled out Sunday the best steak I've had in at least a couple years. Juicy, tender perfectly cooked filet that my wife brought home from the grocery. Also a side of hamburger and cheese broccoli. Doesn't get any better than that.
* * *
Listened to the dulcet sounds of "Promenade in A-major" as played by the water in the fountain out front. Thinking about how jazzed I was at work after automating a repetitive and trying process. Indeed, I'm at my best when uncovering ways to avoid work. Nothing motivates me to automate a process more than my having to do it repeatedly.

So there's that, as well as the fine leaf-scented air of mid-October vintage. Listened to Fr. Ian Ker on Chesterton and Newman from the Chesterton conference CD today. Rich material and gives me renewed hunger to read more of GK.

Might've been the last beautiful summer-like weekend of the year. It's certainly "pure gift", since nothing great after September can be expected; the old sun is too far away to be anything but punch-drunk. It feels like instant nostalgia, to see the hammock operative again. Front porch was uber-fine, sheltered from the wind and full of the seasonally appropriate wheezing of crickets and locusts. The birch with brilliant yellow leaves stands behind the fountain. An iron Victorian bench sits ready for an occupant. The dog lays flat against the door frame.
* * *
Beer, that poetry of liquids, is verboten for awhile due to weight control 101 (avoid superfluous caloric liquids).

* * *
Heather King's marvelous post on Simone Weil still resonates. I like the whole Baptism thing as being crucial, as being that step that makes us part of the Body of Christ and gives us a sense of belonging and, curiously, also a sense of not being anything special. Because our Baptism means that we are no longer "other". I think NOT being baptized gives one a sense of still being "in play", still being desirable to those within the "in" circle. To be baptized gives one more reason to be outward-focused than inward-looking. Ideally anyway, alack & alas.
* * *
From Hamlet's Blackberry:
Walking [NYC] in those days, I was both surrounded by others and utterly alone, and it was this solitude within the crowd that made city life magical. It's what E.B. White was talking about when he observed that New York City 'blends the gift of privacy with the excitement of participation...insulating the individual (if he wants it, and almost everybody wants or needs it) against all enormous and violent and wonderful events that are taking place every minute.


RLM said...

Let's see, what does the hamburger and cheese broccoli do for the weight loss program? I'd rather have the beer and forget the broccoli!

Hope all is well.

TS said...

The weight-loss programs is mostly theoretical at this point, which is probably evident from my this post!

Darwin said...

When losing weight, one must stick to only the essentials. Time to cut out everything except beer.

Or move to three meals: breakfast, lunch and beer.