October 12, 2010

Various & Sundry

Have gotten adept at surfing the last waves of warmth this fall, keeping a keen weather-eye on the weather and planning accordingly. Today wanted to go out at lunch and read outside but elected for the "early release program", and so at 4pm darkened the goodbye door and came rushing into the arms of the brief interlude, 5-6, of solar splendor. Have the obligatory misgivings and misbegones at writing so much about the weather rather than about moments of enlightenment, those crucial pediments that make living worthwhile. What can I say on that score? Just that I meditate on the sufferings of Christ and post-offer my own past sufferings, figuring that even if in the moment I had trouble offering them up, I can at least try to do so now with a weather-eye towards the future. I ponder the electric impulse of Morning Prayer, the resolute, hammer-it-home necessity of recognizing Who is God and that he owns even the "tops of the mountains". I can look into the distance and see God's flag, can look at the moon and see it too. We go in search of distant vistas and think them unclaimed but they exist in the eye of God.

* * *

Was interested by a blog post at "No Wealth but Life" on the topic of happiness. My tendency is to think happiness for the Christian is a tad extraneous, as meaningful as the male nipple.

* * *

Am hypmotized by the increasing narrowcasting made possible by the 'net. There's a channel called "Class Reunion 1985", my very graduation year, a year drenched with longing for sex and a fresh four years of college (not necessarily in that order - oh who am I kidding) with the hits tailored to exactly those needs. I click to it and wonder if there's a song on that station I've not heard given that 1985 was the apex of my musical familiarity. As if in answer to my hubris, the song "Nemesis" by Shriekback comes on. But then comes the Hooters "And We Danced" and I am put in spirit if not body to those semi-innocent undergrad days.

* * *

Was moved by Masterpiece Theater's Inspector Lewis episode from a month or so ago but just now catching it. The stoic sidekick meets a childhood flame and she leaves his heart in Oxford, England. Such maddening ambiguity! He asks, basically, "did you use me?" and she say "You don't really think.." and the viewer is forced to conjecture whether she's thinking, "you don't really think we were real" and "you don't really think I was faking". Wanting to think the former, I can't trust my reading of her body language. But then the shocking denouement: "You're not one of us." which pretty much decides it given that "us", her family, her caste, was her creed.
01:19:47 And what about you and me? What was that?
01:19:49 Your way of getting close to the investigation?
01:19:54 You don't really think...?
01:20:02 You're not one of us.
01:20:08 No.
Then too there was this:
00:46:18 I thought for a moment you'd chased after me to declare your undying love.
00:46:21 I'm not sure men do that nowadays, do they?
00:46:24 Perhaps they should.

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