November 14, 2010

Letter from today's Columbus Dispatch...

There's nothing more romantic than lost causes, such as the aim of the group "Democrats for Life". God bless them, may their tribe increase:
From a pro-life perspective, President Barack Obama made three strategic errors that cost Democrats the 2010 election:

First was the reversal of the Mexico City policy in his second week in office, which supported organizations that promote and perform abortions in other countries. It came across like a hidden agenda and betrayal for pro-life Obama voters.

Second was the reversal of President George W. Bush's embryonic stem-cell research through executive order.

Third, the straw that broke the camel's back was the strong-arming of Congress to eliminate the Stupak amendment on the health-care-reform bill. The amendment would have prohibited abortion coverage in the public health-care option and barred any federal subsidies for plans that included abortion purchased on the new insurance exchanges.

That ill-considered move essentially handed the GOP what it needed to label it as a pro-abortion bill and call the entire bill into question with voters.

On Nov. 2, our Democratic leadership got yet another lesson, like in 2004, that ignoring, alienating and taking pro-life voters for granted is a recipe for Democratic defeat. Those pro-life Democrats who abandoned Stupak were a large group among the election losers.

Better still, the Democratic Party should lose the albatross of abortion advocacy with Roe vs. Wade, foisted on us in the first place by five Republican-appointed justices (out of seven concurring opinions) and retained for us by four Republican justices (out of four concurring opinions). The GOP was smart enough to get rid of this hot potato, and we Democrats have been dumb enough to pick it up, thereby bringing about continuing close elections and election losses.



Democrats for Life of Ohio


Bill White said...

Never has there been a better-named newspaper letter-writer:

2. A vain, foolish, or incongruous fancy, or creature of the imagination; as, the chimera of an author. --Burke.

So well-named and so delusional that I suspect this is a parody.

(Yes, there was a special on hyphens at Wal-Mart yesterday.)

TS said...

Ha, good catch on the name. It does read like parody doesn't it? But she's for real I think. Certainly the only surprising thing about Obama's reversal of the Mexico City Policy was that it was in his second week in office rather than second day in office. For the life of me, I don't understand how voters could be surprised that Obama turned out to be a typical liberal. What part of his Senate voting record didn't they understand?

Tom said...

"Mary Ann Chimera has a richly varied background. With a degree in physics and graduate work in physics and engineering analysis, she worked as an engineering analyst for two major firms. A casual introduction to graphology led to an abiding interest in the subject as a means to study the variety of human personality in its individual expression. Stimulated by her graphological studies, her interest in personality led to further study of psychology, personnel and related fields. She obtained a certificate in personnel administration from NYU, underwent 3 years clinical training in transactional analysis and gestalt therapy psychotherapy and qualified for a certificate in hypnotherapy. Mary Ann is also a commissioned lay minister for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Toledo."

The thing about tilting at windmills is that the people who do it really are convinced they're fighting giants.