November 05, 2010

Oh If Only We Had Gridlock in '09...

I amused by the MSM's hyper-fear of gridlock. From Darwin Catholic:
What both rightists and leftists should keep in mind after elections like this one and 2008 as well is that elections in the US are decided by a swing bloc which might charitably be described as pragmatic/a-political (or uncharitably as generally ignorant of political ideology and policy.) In 2008, that bloc looked at the landscape and said to itself, "Things aren't going so well, and Obama seems like he has exciting new ideas." This year, those same people looked around and said, "I keep hearing about 'stimulus' and debt and the health care bill, but all I can see right now is that a lot of people are out of work and insurance costs are going up. Let's throw the bums out."

Obama bet big that either he would have the magical ability to fix the economy, or it would fix itself, within two years. He lost that one. Now Republicans are betting that things will either look better in two years, or it will be possible to pin remaining problems on Obama. Only time will tell.

As someone who does have a formed political and economic philosophy, it's frustrating to me that elections are decided the way they are, though probably less so than for progressives since gridlock is not all that bad a thing according to my philosophy, while theirs require that the helping hand of statism shepherd us firmly and rapidly into the brave new world that is ahead.


Steven said...

Dear TSO,

Gridlock is one of my most favorite things--really and truly--much less damage because government can't interfere. Of course, nothing much gets done, but that does preclude an awful lot of what is already being done--much of which is bad.

(By the way, I'm non partisan--I've felt this way since Ronald Reagan).

Every year I hope for a congress with exactly opposed composition to the presidency. Any time things flow smoothly through congress, the consequences for the country seem to have been dire.



TS said...

Indeed Steven, when the Republicans held Congress & Presidency, it was a big letdown for me. I can more clearly see the merits of divided governance.

Thomas D said...

divided govt rocks!