June 23, 2011

Critiquing My Better

Mark Shea recently posted on Fr. Corapi, persuasively arguing what should be obvious, i.e. that the things stinketh in Denmark and the black prince is troubled. But the unintended hilarity was a link asserting that Fr. Corapi only follows Fox News on Twitter, something that is apparently extremely troubling to Shea. I tend to think Mark's jihadistic attitude towards Fox is the result of being corrupted by the left coast, left wing media (my sense is that we're shaped by the local media we watch; I grew up in rightwing southwestern Ohio).

Shea belongs to the neither the Republican or Democrat parties but to the Utopian party. To his credit, he believes in an inclusive, catholic church but an exclusive, provincial political party (consisting, apparently, of himself) and that's the opposite of the modern tendency to join a successful political "team", the Dems or Repubs, while being okay with splintering into a million church denominations. If you have to do one or the other, he certainly chose the better half.

I"ll never forget when a blogger attacked him for "just trying to sell books" when it's obvious he's anti-marketed himself due to his political convictions. I love Shea's anti-branding. He purple proses equally against what he calls the Evil Stupid Party and the Stupid Evil Party, terms that won't endear him to those who have signed up for one of those teams. (Given the mess we're in financially, morally and every which way but loose, I suppose Shea might just be ahead of the curve here.) It's really quite refreshing, in this age of button-downed everything-for-marketing types, that he's willing to be unpopular on his blog. The contrarian in me makes me want to buy his books -- and, at the same time, watch more Fox News.

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