August 23, 2011

RSS Feeds R Us

I'm hyp-mo-tized by the rich harvest of blogposts Google Reader has delivered unto me. Truly some haunting melodies in there, some potent paragraphs. The three bloggers that immediately come to mind are "Kind Birds" via Betty Duffy, Heather King (and a recent correspondent) and "Beyond Blue". This appears to be my era of blog renaissance; Twitter and books have suffered. Another downside is that these posts are all so good that I feel ashamed for the dross on my blog. But the variations of quality is part of the charm; one needs the sparrows to show off the goldfinch's plumage. Meanwhile I continue my search for brightly-lit blog posts out in the wild. The Flipboard iPad app for Google is fantabulous and daily I check what the tide's brung in.

The problem is that I'll remember a line or two from a post but not its author or blog. I can save them as favorites, but that saves the whole post when there's often just a point or paragraph I want to remember.... It's odd that I'm so attracted to blogs scribed by females when it's the opposite with published novelists.


The weather has so obviously turned a corner that it feels like we humans should as well, like we should make some new start, fresh resolution. It feels like we should mimic our natural world and take in the fresh autumnal breezes of change. It seems as though we should prepare ourselves for winter. Summer lasted only one searing month, maybe six weeks, although obviously it shall return (if not with those absurdly long June evenings).


Took the dog for a walk last night because the weather is so exceptional and because it has in it that little sehnsucht of autumn, and it felt ungrateful to nature to spend the time not really noticing it. Then too the dog appreciated the walk, sniffing here and there like a mad dog. It gets his juices flowing.


Roz said...

I have a suggestion for "clipping" snippets of blog posts, etc. Evernote automatically clips and saves whatever section you highlight (or the whole web page, if you want). There will be a reference to the originating web page.

If you have a smartphone, you can install it there too, and access what you've saved wherever you are. I love it.

TS said...

Sounds like a good solution for most, but it seems like a pain for iPad, especially given I don't use Safari for Google reader. Even Safari has issues apparently: from an Evernote developer:

by engberg on Mon Jan 24, 2011 7:12 pm

Apple doesn't give us any way to install a clipper into the iPad Safari browser, so there's no easy way to get clipping to work on the device. Our Javascript-based "bookmarklet" web clipper mostly works, but it's not very easy to install it as a bookmark on the browser: