June 04, 2012

June, Oh June.....

The breath and breadth of June is upon us.  We Ohio mortals live now in the splendor of the approaching summer equinox. I make tracks on this rare day off for Glacier Ridge park and spot a fat green frog semi-submerged in the wetland lather.  I traipse in temperate sunshine down a path shared only by the occasional bicyclist in their unitards. 

Briefly I transgress, trespass, taking my dog along a no-pet route. I'm stopped by a comely rangeress, who runs a finger through her hair fixing errant locks while waiting for me to arrive at her truck and to (very gently) reinforce the rules. 

At the car at the end of the hike I take Buddy's leash off and he takes off like a shot towards the cattail'd pond where something had recently caught his eye (or nose).  I was miffed to be taken advantage of; in a generosity of spirit I'd trusted him to get in the car when I undid the leash. A minor betrayal perhaps, much like mine in taking him on the no-pet path. 

No time to drink my lunch, so I haste now to the hops. Meanwhile little roosts of tomato plants perk their heads higher against the measuring instrument of their 3 foot cages. Gaily green, they hue the hoe'd line. 

You get your money's worth with an off-day in June. The light is tireless, indefatigable. There's no sense of hurry. The sun is easy and free and so an hour or two spent indoors cheats you out of nothing since there's plenty more where that came from. Even now at 5:22pm I can barely tell the difference between 1pm, sun-wise. The back patio is alit in earthly glory with riots of flowers like flocks of flags.

The backyard looks splendid under the aegis of the old maple.  On the hike I spied a house with a huge backyard with clumps of land "let go", as in gone to nature, gone to pot. And it looked no worse the wear, the grass neatly cut right up to the edge of plant wildness.  It's always a figure of wonderment to me, watching the randomness of seed and plant take over from the manicured lawn. Everyone should have a little wildness in their backyard, a little ten by ten spot unmolested by mower and left to grow to opulence. 

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