December 28, 2015


It's interesting to read all the readings for the various masses for Christmas. It's a biblical greatest hits collection, starring Isaiah, the poet laureate of ecstasy. No one does joy better than Isaiah which is why the Christmas readings, per se, exceed even the Easter readings despite Easter being on paper and logically, the greater boon. At Christmas, the Second Person of the Trinity came to earth. At Easter, we celebrate the defeat of death and the acceptance of the offering of Christ, so I've always assumed we weren't saved by the Incarnation so much as by the Crucifixion & Resurrection. And yet Christmas looms like a colossus. I've always puzzled why but figured it's at least partially because we can simply relate to a baby more than man and God. There's a reason St. Nick went from tough guy who punched a heretic to a harmless old gentleman with a big belly.

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