June 17, 2016

My One Millionth Political Post, Sadly

Ironically, I suspect that Trump has unwittingly proved that the GOP establishment strategy of not being overly ambitious in its agenda, in marshaling political power instead of getting in big fight with Obama over budgets, was the correct one. Because Trump has taught us is that there is little voter appetite for conservatism - hence if GOP had gone pellmell after Obama it would likely have gotten its clock cleaned. People are really not in the mood at all for budget balancing, which is why Trump smartly never emphasizes that.

The GOP figured that Obamacare, as bad as it was, was going to stay because replacing Obamacare apparently was politically infeasible.   Looks like the establishment was correct because if the electorate cared about Obamacare they would've nominated someone with a discernible health care plan.


It's interesting to me the sway that real estate developers have in suburban communities despite the fact that the number of citizens with ties to developers approaches zero.  It's a figure of wonderment that public officials can have citizens pay for the infrastructure that developers require, like sewers and such, and then jack up property taxes by allowing residential development to far outpace commercial.

It seems a decent example of how the rich on any level appear to rule the roost, presumably because voters don't follow local politics closely enough, or understand how complicated some of these complex TIFs (tax increment financing) are. Complexity is a politician's best friend when it comes to actually governing (because he can obfuscate and avoid accountability) and it's his worse friend when it comes to campaigning (witness Trump versus all the other Republican candidates).

It's disturbing how tech companies like Google and Facebook, which in the beginning seemed non-political and more interested in money and number of hits than in skewing things, now fiddle with algorithms to "cook the books" -- Facebook by eliminating conservative stories in their collated section and Google by changing their autofill feature with respect to Hillary Clinton.

It's all a reminder of how nobody is looking out for our best interests: not government, nor business.

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