July 19, 2016

Our National Soap Opera... or "As the Donald Turns"

I find it amusing and oddly satisfying that after decades of hearing liberals falsely call the GOP candidate du jour dumb and stupid, we've finally shown them what dumb and stupid looks like.  It's sort of like, "you're stupid for failing to recognize how smart our previous candidates were!"

And the silly furor over Melania's speech represents another case where I feel I live in an alternative universe.  Plagiarism, schlagiarism.  Personally I'd rather politicians copy whole speeches and believe them versus write their own and be lying. (Lying is the new black, by the way, given our two presidential candidates.)

The "speechgate" outrage is an example of fiddling while Rome burns. It helps Trump: provides more publicity and press makes ass of itself, a twofer. Worrying about Trumpian plagiarism is like cancer patient worrying about a hangnail. And to the extent it shows Trump campaign ineptness that's a positive; disorganized fascists are the best kind.

If there's a upside to nominating an illiterate guy with AAHD it's that most of the calls a president has to make are jump balls and thus resistant to study.  You can't study your way into an effective health care system or a safer Middle East, witness Obama and Hillary.  I think someone with a coin tossing heads/tails could've done as well as Obama did in his eight years.

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