July 22, 2016

The Hot Dog Eating Contest

Our department is having a hot dog eating contest to feed the hungry. I wanted to enter but eventually concluded I don't need the gastric indiscretion. It comes down to speed more than stomach size since it's how many you can eat in five minutes.

I bought a ticket and you pick which contestant you think will win and if they win you win a prize. I was hovering over the buckets, trying to decide who was worthy when one of the participants happened by:

Su Su (slim Chinese girl): “Vote for me!”
Me: “I can't, look at you, you're too thin!”
Su Su: “Didn't you see who won the big hot dog contest? A small Asian?”
Me: “Oh I think I remember that, yes.”

So I ended up putting my ticket in her bucket, thinking maybe a lifetime in food-deprived China has made her a good speed-eater.  Perhaps she comes from a large family. They always eat fast.


Took a lunch walk and there was so much stimuli, the irrepressible lushness of a fountain and sun on green leaves at a downtown condo near the cathedral. Impressed me to the point I stopped to take a picture though it doesn't do it justice.

The urban shops and streets were vibrant in the bright noon atmosphere. It made me wistful for travel during this quick-perishing summer, namely to pretty places like my alma mater.

There was also the stimuli of the impressive gothic church, one I'd not been for awhile. And I forgot about the Holy Door! Where devout millennials take selfies while walking through!

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