September 27, 2018

The Hearing du Jour

I got sucked in today by the dramatic Kavanaugh versus his accuser confirmation hearing. It’s powerfully addicting soap opera but I suspect not good for one’s soul.

It seems to me the cause of this debacle of bad feeling, of further division of the hate-filled camps, was created by three prime actors: wavering, dithering GOP senators like Jeff Flake and Susan Collins who cherish their image as powerful mavericks and demanded to hear a fact-free but emotional Dr. Ford, Diane Feinstein (I’m old enough to recall when she was respectable) about whom the best one can say is that she doesn’t like to ruin someone’s life prematurely unless she deems it “necessary”, and the poison of non-forgiveness in the form of a woman bringing up a 36-year old accusation from high school.  A potent enough cocktail.

Extremely moving opening comments by Kavanaugh.  His righteous indignation was apparent and perhaps it helped that he figured if this country wants to be run on emotion and not facts, he’ll serve up some emotion. As Fr. Philip Devous tweeted:

Apparently the new epistemology of corroboration, evidence, fact-finding is that becoming emotional=truth. Next time a priest is accused of something we’ll see if this new convenient cultural standard is remembered.”

As Raymond Arroyo said, it’s all Oprah, no Perry Mason.

I think it was unintentionally funny that the Dem congress folks acted like lying to Congress was no big deal at all, compared to lying to FBI. Then why hold hearings at all?

It’s frustrating that a committee supposedly spearheaded by the GOP gave Ford a platform despite her having no collaboration other than her own imperfect memory.  And then had a questionner... oy vey. Optics I get, but the optic was supposed to be a woman challenging another woman, not a woman playing footsie with her.  Senate GOP hired her? This is exactly what gave Trump traction, the belief (rightly or wrongly) that Republicans like to play by the rules set by the media.

It’s also interesting that both Ford and Kavanaugh won rave reviews today even though (because of?) they conformed to sexual stereotypes: the fragile, vulnerable woman, and the tough protective guy upset over the carnage done to his friends’ reputations, as if appealing to subconscious archetypes or prejudices.

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