October 04, 2018

Let He Who Has Not Thrown Ice Cast the First Icicle

credit:Steve Kelley

Hopefully our long national nightmare will soon be over.  Assuming Flake doesn't live up to his name again, although  I predict a bull market for shouters in Senate elevators.

And I'm certainly impressed by the Dem senators ability to underperform even the lowest of expectations. Kudos to them. It's hard to be pessimistic enough not to be disappointed by their performance.

There's a bit of asymmetry going on as there's been a lot of calls for investigation into Kavanaugh's past and character, but little into Ford's past. But new details are trickling out that suggest she's not the truth-teller she's portrayed to be.

Hopefully in the future confirmation hearings will be "safe, legal and rare" or something like that.  Certainly a whole lot shorter. I can see why they won't be though - the venue guarantees you the white-hot spotlight which is crack-cocaine to ambition-addled senatorial brains (I'm talking 'bout you Spartacus). And these hearings offer the huge added benefit of never facing a tough vote, as judiciary Democrats were going to vote no on whoever Trump nominated.  It's an oasis of free advertising.

We’ve heard these hearings are a job interview.  If that’s the case, then it’s as if a panel of Elmer Fudds was deciding whether a marksman should be hired as a wabbit hunter.

One partial solution is that nominees should, at the direction of the president’s party, decline to answer any question from the opposite party’s senators.   While this won’t decrease the preening, presidential auditioning and outright lies, it will allow the potential justice the dignity of not having to pretend to care. There is no reason to go through the demeaning charade in a pitiful attempt to win votes and it’s no wonder Justice Alito tries to avoid walking past the Senate building where his hazing was held. Future confirmation hearings should ideally adhere to a strict party-line vote.

It’s ironic that in a age when Congress continually strives to give away its power, it is clinging to “advise and consent” - in a predictably abysmal manner.

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