March 18, 2019

I Don't Get It, Part MDCCCXXII

Opened day with a little Moanin’ Joe. Trumpian tweets are their daily content provider. You don’t need producers on that show since it produces itself, or rather Trump orchestrates it remotely.

Sunday political talk shows have likewise declined. A good example of this is to hear Chris Wallace of Fox News hammer an administration official yesterday asking why Trump doesn’t make a speech against Islamaphobia given the news that an evil Australian killed people in New Zealand. You can’t make that shiza up. Wallace must be crazy for urging a crazy man to make a speech that he believes will magically take the crazy out of crazy people. Maybe next Chris will ask why Trump doesn't do a rain dance to help out with California droughts.

There’s the oft told lament of the nationalization of the news, such that people don’t care about their local scene but focus on things they have much less direct control over, namely the president. Now there’s the internationalization of news such that people are focusing not even on crime in our country but crime on the other side of the world.

The Sunday political shows have gone the same way of dullness as the nightly comics if for different reasons: for the Sunday shows, the soundbyte politics is regurgitated from what’s already been said on Twitter more incisively, and for the comics what used to be humor has been outsourced in favor of political outrage.

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