November 27, 2019

Coffee Shop Thoughts

Sitting in the quintessential millennial hang out, the coffee shop, in the quintessential millennial Cbus neighborhood, the Short North. It’s like a micro vacation with none of the financial hangover. “Roaming Goat” it is, right next door to ye olde new bookstore. Sipping a rich roast coffee and feeling a bit out of place, like a 40-year old at a fraternity party. Found a table in back; a bit light on natural light but pleasant.

It’s not my natural habitat as shown by a painting above me of the Holy Roman emperor of the Democrat party, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg. The title of the work is, appropriately, “Blessed Be Thy Name”. One might append, “devoted custodian of the sacrament of abortion”.

A gray November day, as appropriate for Ohio in November as could be cogitated: cloudy, windy and 46 degrees. A weather cliche. Good weather inasmuch as it’s somehow more appropriate that we give thanks in a time of year in which thanks is not a ready sentiment. Just as they say the time you most need to pray is when you don’t feel like it, one should practice giving thanks when it’s not sunny and warm and you’re on a beach.

While I’m here, the melange of thankful entries on my workplace’s bathroom window (click to enlarge):

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