November 30, 2020

Scooby Doo, Eric Coomer, Where Are You?

Suburban voters were moving away from the GOP long before Trump, so one way to look at the divisions in both parties now is that it’s simply the growing pains of party realignments: Dems with corporate cultures, wealthy suburbs and the woke, and GOP with working class, small business, and social conservatives. Newt Gingrich predicts turbulence ahead for the GOP in trying to hold on to gains made with Blacks, Hispanics and working class folks. 

That’s probably why Trump was so difficult for National Review: they loathed him, embraced him, and now loathe him again. Hard not to see National Review’s unhelpful editorial today on Trump as a coming attraction of the war between deplorables and establishment Republicans in the GOP.  But to their credit - or blame - NR *is* consistent. They were as incurious about Diebold voting machines as they are about Dominion’s. The only person who knows jack about tech at NR is Charlie Cooke. Fog of war makes it difficult to know what’s true about Dominion but he would have a bit more credibility on the hackability of vendors than the rest. 

I think if 2020 has taught us anything it’s that naivety hasn’t paid off well. We thought no way the China virus came from a lab until hmm.... We thought the virus wouldn’t make it to the U.S. and would be over soon.  We thought masks were worthless until they were priceless. We thought the FBI wouldn’t sit on Hunter’s laptop, or that Amy Robach’s story on Epstein would never get quashed, or that Twitter would never censor the NY Post. We thought BLM was benign and cared about racial justice, and that Biden was ahead by a dozen and that a Blue Wall was coming because the pollsters told us so. And now we think election voting fraud didn’t occur. So unlike the FBI, WHO, CDC, Russia hoax, Catholic hierarchy, etc.., we CAN trust the CISA.  To paraphrase Reagan, “we’re from the CISA and we’re here to help you.” In 2020 you’d have done well betting against the experts. 

And it’s certainly perfectly in government’s nature to have a half-assed approach to election integrity given the sad state of data hygiene on the state level.  It’s perfectly in keeping that a Matt Braynard can find fraudulent ballots that state governments can’t or won’t. 

Anecdotal example is my own self: I got Social Security checks for awhile, and over a period of months I had to call a couple of times, telling them, “hey, I’m only 45, please stoppa da $700+ checks. “  Hardest call I ever had to make, I tell ya. 

I emailed our company's cyber security guru today asking how he feel about electronic voting. Wish I’d asked before the election given how now no one can say anything about fraud since it’s kneejerkedly perceived as being pro-Donald Trump. Which is ridiculous but that’s the country we live in now, where everything is calibrated around someone who is frankly uninteresting. To me anyway. Although I guess he is interesting simply for the the phenomenally crazy effect he has on everyone. 

On a lighter note...

To the tune Scooby Doo: 

Eric, Eric Coomer, where are you?
We've got some questions for you now.

Eric, Eric Coomer, where are you?
We need some help from you now.

Come on, Eric Coomer, we see you
Hidin’ under your desk there.

But you're not fooling us, cause we can see
You talkin’ up Antifa. 

You know we've got a mystery to solve so Eric Coomer
be ready for your act
Don't hold back!

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