December 12, 2020

A Virus Not Strong Enough to Unite Us nor Weak Enough to Prevent Division

Finished Netflix’s Queen Gambit. Not bad. The first two episodes were dog slow but the rest were good. Everyone is intrinsically attracted to excellence; there’s a reason that a Michael Jordan or a Jack Nicholaus enthralls. A goosebump ending in seeing the mighty fall, in this case one of the chess masters of the old Soviet Union.

The mighty however, don’t fall too easily in real life, case in point the potent forces of money, China, and fraud that got Joe Biden elected - the man without a campaign or a decent rally. The Supreme Court did the expected thing and shot down a Texas suit. I was amazed that some 17 other states had joined them. Ohio tried to “split the baby” by joining neither Texas nor the four states but argued that the Court should take it up. The Court did not, saying it was none of Texas’s business how Pennsylvania operates.  (i.e. "don’t go tattling on your sibling".) Jonah Goldberg and the crew from National Review were outraged and appalled by the lawsuit, offended by some of the “name brands” who supported it (Rubio, Cruz, Mark Levin, etc). Goldberg is having an aneurysm over it, so revolted is he by the fraud allegations and “Trump coup”. 

Eric Metaxas, a serious Christian whose written biographies of great Christian figures, was viciously attacked in print by Rod Dreher and they’d been friends for 20 years. I’ve never seen division like this on the right in my lifetime. 

We’ve been in the habit of late of spending a half-hour every night praying with Fr. Frank Pavone on YouTube. He’s been having half-hour prayer sessions for the country, interspersed with a song, some inspirational words and a guest. The daily 8pm live broadcast is a good way to get into the habit of praying for the president and the country. 


I’m sure Biden will win the Nobel Peace Prize for beating orange man. Obama did less than that and won one. 


Sadly the lesson the media learned with the Hunter Biden censorship is they’re more effective as an agent in killing news than in slanting it. Obvious bias has an equal & opposite reaction, but to not report something at all was shown to be effective.  They say only a small portion of Joe Biden voters knew about the laptop or Bobulinski’s testimony and enough said they would’ve changed their vote that it could’ve flipped the election. 

Facebook’s Zuckerberg knew this too, being as data-driven as he is. He didn’t spend money on ads trying to actually *persuade* people to vote for Biden - that’s so 1990. No, he simply partially suppressed the Biden news and at the same time added tons of voting drop boxes to Democrat-heavy areas of the country. Very effective use of some $400 million as it probably tipped the electoral election. 

Rush Limbaugh said he thinks we may be headed for secession not because of our policy differences but because of how Republicans think persuasion is important while Democrats think “by any means necessary”: bullying, stealing, cheating, packing the court, adding states. Of course the Left would say the Right no longer is into persuasion as well. 


Ironic that the point of trading with China was to make China more like us. Instead it’s made us more like China (see censorship by Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google). 


We haven’t had the grandkids for four weeks now and son sent a link with story about how we shouldn’t put our lives on hold because of the virus.  His view is that being scared of the virus is for sissies, ignoring the idea that the virus avoidance idea is about not inundating medical professionals. Feels like common courtesy and civic responsibility to try not to have everyone catch the virus at once.  

Still, the demolition the virus has caused in mental health, schooling, and economic damage makes me wonder if this whole experiment of trying to tame the virus maybe was the best idea.  Although what was the alternative? Seems no country has found one. 

I think Steph and I tried a middle road somewhat. Of the nine virus months, we’ve taken the grandkids weekly for six of them.  Just feels like that the vaccine came a bit too late. Ohio’s on pace to have as many covid deaths from mid-November thru January than we had in seven months previous. 

The virus is almost demonically designed to separate and divide people because it’s not nearly so terrible as the 1918 flu when everyone was dying like crazy including young people, but it’s also not so tepid as something everyone can agree that it’s not that big a deal. It’s a virus not strong enough to unite people nor weak enough to prevent division.

And complicating the matter is how health care in the 21st century is expensive and lives on the thinnest of margins and so there’s not a lot of excess capacity in terms of ICU beds, nurses, PPE, etc…  People in the old days probably just died at home, for good or ill. For good *and* ill I guess.

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