December 03, 2020

The Voting Industrial Complex

The lack of curiosity by National Review and others on voting technology baffles me, as if it doesn’t matter who controls so much of our infrastructure. They are trusting souls.

Or maybe they’re like, “what’s a little election theft among friends?” Presidential elections have been stolen in the past (1824 and 1960 come to mind) so it’s not without precedent. And human beings are pretty bad so it’s certainly "reasonable” to expect that this will happen. 

On the other hand we fought the Revolution over a lack of representation so it’s also not without precedent that we engage in war to ensure rights of self-government.  

I think part of it also is the power of the symbolic. It’s a sign of a much larger architectural project of control by elites. It’s not enough, potentially, to control the media, Hollywood, social media, etc.. to censor and shame, etc... But they also have the audacity to vote-cheat.

Perhaps as compelling as the testimonies was the reaction to a contested election, that it had to be shut down immediately. There’s a self-fulfilling prophecy in that: if you want to censor all discussion immediately about election fraud then you’re adding fuel to the conspiracy fire. If you want to tell me that Dominion is safe because Dominion says so then it’s going to raise more questions than if you at least said you’d investigate it. Especially when two prominent Democrat senators raised the issue the year previous.  

Much of it is fog of war and there is conflicting information with literally no one you can trust. And of course no one knows anything about Dominion voting machines by design, the theory being it best be kept as close to the vest as possible so as to not open itself to hackers or otherwise be publicized. Even who owns the company is being researched as it recently passed hands from one hedge fund to UBS Securities. Reporters probably can’t find out anything about how our electronic votes are counted simply because you’re not supposed to.  And all that ignores the sloppy, un-auditable system we have now in many states that encourages fraud.

There’s a simple way to get people to stop considering elections illegitimate. Stop cheating and end the Voting Industrial Complex. Three companies wield massive control over voting in this country. Use open source code and put up barriers to cheat-by-mail systems. 

It’s one thing for liberal cities to loot and pillage themselves but it’s another when you allow that lawlessness to extend to the disenfranchisement of voters in saner places.

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