April 06, 2021

The Verboten Book

It's fascinating to see how the mere idea of election fraud is treated like the ebola virus by the elites: they must eradicate, contain, quarantine any suggestion of fraud.  Is challenging Dominion Voting really the same as calling for the extermination of Jews?  Yet they are treated the same. 

For example,  a search for Mein Kampf is found as top search result on Amazon. 

While, hilariously, I watched in real time as The Deep Rig by Patrick Byrne became progressively harder to reach via Amazon's search engine. His bestselling ebook really got their attention.  In the first couple weeks, you could search for "Deep Rig" and find it among the first results. Then I noticed it would auto-change the word "rig" to "ring" and look for books around the title "Deep Ring".  This seemed odd. 

But that was a temporary measure because a couple days later I could type "deep rig" successfully in their search bar though it did not bring up Bryne's in pages of results.  But I noticed I could still type "Patrick Byrne" and get the result wanted. 

But that still wasn't enough.  The algo was tweaked again and they've thwarted that avenue. They are making sure the only way to find it is via direct links from other users. 

This review, by K. Martin, is represenative: 

5.0 out of 5 stars A Most Difficult to Find Must Read

Reviewed in the United States on April 4, 2021

I searched for this book on Amazon, VERY difficult to find. Curious, it isn’t difficult to find about any book I want- Amazon often finds books/products with obscure search terms but for some reason this one is hard to locate, even searching for the title- “The Deep Rig” comes up with everything BUT the book. It’s almost as if algorithms are written to discourage idly curious people from finding and therefore buying this.

I read Byrne’s observations/account as he wrote them, I think it was a 6-part series on his website, almost a blog. I was absolutely mesmerized by the topic, his firsthand experience, what he uncovered, how he did it, why and the very fact that he spent tens of millions of dollars- his own money and by his account somewhere close to half of his entire net worth to pursue the truth- by a man who didn’t vote for President Trump appears to be entirely altruistic, unnervingly rare today- it seems that everyone has an angle, something to gain and his story is both fascinating and nauseating. I didn’t want to believe the depth and breadth of corruption in our country, in each of its agencies and to learn of this was insightful while disgusting, difficult to accept but easy to believe- the United States is in real trouble and on a level, depth and breadth that appears to be impregnable- there are just too many powerful people with too much to lose and it appears that all of the safeguards that the founders put into place to avoid the situation that we are in have not failed us, the people entrusted and sworn to defend and protect these documents and therefore us...the governed have most certainly failed us.

I see no easy solutions however continue to believe that the clown show of illegitimate leadership that “leads” the country today is a house of cards that must fall. The fact remains that our elected leadership will be held accountable- clearly vote fraud must be solved before anything substantive will change but I see no alternative. I have no idea how this might play out, how this might be solved but I simply refuse to believe that this is the end of our republic, this is where it all ends, this is the end of the road for the United States of America and therefore the end of the free world.

Of course I could be wrong, this very well may be the end but I still hold out hope and pray daily for a return to integrity, truth, justice and good over evil.

The political class stepped over the line long ago, they forgot that this doesn’t work from the top down and I simply do not believe that Americans will allow our country to be lost, to be stolen right in front of us. I don’t know anyone who believes that everything is normal, that it’s just another day, another administration, just another year. We are living in historic times and because of Patrick Byrne and others we know the truth, he has done our country an incalculably valuable service in investigating, documenting and disseminating the truth, giving us all the opportunity to make this right.

I am incredibly grateful for this man and his teams. Our country owes a debt of gratitude to all involved.

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