May 07, 2021

The Haunt of it is: He Came From Us

It's still kind of shocking to learn that the head of security and products for Dominion, a Canadian company responsible for the votes in some 28 U.S. states, is anti-American and a near psychopath. 

But would we expect otherwise? It's the new normal. If we eliminated near psychopaths from the job market our economy would grind to a halt. You'd be nervous with Coomer as your school janitor let alone being in charge of security for the largest voting machine software company in America and holder of the patent on voting adjudication. 

It reminds me of what Peggy Noonan wrote recently: 

Some of our policing problem is connected to a problem that affects everything: They came from us. Our police come from modern America, that jittery, jacked-up, broken place. They don’t really come from health and stability but from families that are fractured and a culture that is crude and violent, from hypermedia and videogames, from a society that doesn’t cohere. They don’t come from something boring and solid like the cop on the beat 50 and 100 years ago did; they don’t come from a world that went out of its way to teach them manners, morals, faith. How to act.  All the cops, and the perps, they came from us.



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