May 25, 2021

The Puzzling Case of NYC's Rutler

Thrown by this case of scandal of the ultra orthodox priest. Felt the need to do a personal investigation, as if that’s my calling. (Not.) 

But what a mystery. The facts, in the case: their appears to be an Ms Gonzalez (the accuser) in the Bronx on Twitter in 2014, looking teen-ish.  Is it her ?  She "liked” male pornography and follows a male porn revue. Hardly an ingenue. Not that that makes her claim less credible, especially when backed up with video. If she was 15 then she’s 22 now, the right age for this Gonzalez.  

The video, who knows? The shape of the head fits.  Completely bald instead of the halo of stubble in back as was the case a half-year earlier.  Chemo?  The arrangement of the art on the wall seems imperfectly balanced. I feel like he has a  better sense of aesthetics but obviously the room is pretty easily checked for veracity. I assume we would’ve heard by now if it didn’t fit. 

The reading of his parishioner letter is a denial of physical abuse, not the pornography viewing.  A really good round-up of everything is here

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