June 17, 2021

Are You a Christian Nationalist?

One of the more encouraging signs of late is the failure of the GOP establishment to bring things "back to normal" and return to managing decline. Once you give the people a voice and a sense of their own agency, it's hard to put that toothpaste back in the tube.  

There's a new freedom. We don't have to accept the rainbow taken over as pride in sin. We don't have to go along with the official narrative from our cyber insecurity group, our FBI, or with Stacey Abram's power grab.  We don't have to accept the 1-2% (or more) of fraud that accompanies each election. We may have to have a parallel social media environment, but so be it. Samizdat! We can organize without the the tech giants or the media. The true spirit of the American people is that we are slow to rouse but once roused look out. 

For those of us weaned on David Letterman, the detachment and the lack of earnestness was sort of the default condition. Patriotism was somewhat corny or boring - until we lost it. Now it seems a precious thing. I recall going to DooDah parades in the Short North that basically take patriotism and turn it into a joke. I'm no longer laughing. 


Listened to Pastor Greg Locke on Eric Metaxas podcast. There seems to be such a groundswell of both Catholics and Protestant Christians who've caught the patriotic fever, mirrored by the prophecy around Trump (both Prot and Cath) and David French, perhaps, may find himself fighting against God to borrow from Gamaliel in the book of Acts. 

A few snippets: 

EM: The Founders understood if we the people don’t understand that faith and virtue is what holds self-government together and protects the weak then it all falls apart. People think now you can have goodness without God.

GL: A lady from China said at a church meeting, ‘We want America to see revival, but the Chinese Christians are not praying for revival, we are praying for America to see persecution because that will bring the revival.'

EM: I think this time is a wakeup call to the average American to say, ‘wow, look how bad it can get. We didn’t think it would get this bad....It’s the one thing God uses in history to wake his people up...Most Americans have been sleepwalking, not realizing things could get satanically bad. What happened to China, what happened to Germany in the ‘30s, those are people just like us and we are not immune to that. We are going through a season now where we’re seeing what could happen if God’s people and the good patriots do not stand up and fight. And you talk about this from your pulpit, you don’t have a problem with talking about it. 

GL: If we don’t call out corrupt politics we’re not going to have a platform from which to even preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. We’re giving our rights away [and] we have a pastor problem in America. 

EM: You’re right, the church is so timid today, it’s like evangelicals have bought into an idea - which is profoundly unbiblical - that being a Christian is being nice and never fighting for anything because we don’t want to destroy our witness.  If you’re not fighting against evils what kind of gospel are you preaching?

There’s a passivity in the church. Scripturally God gives his people authority that if you are acting in the name of Jesus and with the power of the Holy Spirit you have authority, but most people think that’s presumptuous but that’s not biblical.  We’re supposed to act. 

GL:  I’m asked, ‘well isn’t this arrogant?’ I say don’t mistake arrogance for passion. I’m passionate about standing for the Bible and in this case the Constitution because we do have a Republic to save. 

EM: Many Christians think we don’t want to fight for America, as if that’s a dirty thing, as if that’s jingoistic chest-building. They think it’s about building up the kingdom of America and clearly that’s not what we’re saying.

GL: CNN recently came to our church and asked, “Are you a Christian nationalist?” I said if you mean by that I love the nation and that I follow Jesus Christ then absolutely, but to them those two terms are irreconcilable. They can’t understand how can you love God and love the nation. My question is how can you not love God and not love the nation, because he’s a God of nations, the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob, the God of Israel. The gospel the redemption is for all nations. 

EM: We are an idea, not a tribe, and we are the nation for other nations. Why did Lincoln say ‘we are the last best hope of earth?’  Because God cares about every nation beyond America and he has blessed this nation to be a light of liberty for them. 


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