July 22, 2021

Lino Rulli's Idea

Sirius XM talk show host Lino Rulli mentioned that he knew a “professional Catholic” who gives talks and seminars who was going through a very tough patch, struggling with sin, and he didn’t mention it at all in talks at the time but Rulli thought it would be so refreshing if these guys owned up to having problems and struggles instead of just keeping the “plaster saint” image on. 

I thought of that with regard to Msgr. Burrill.  How countercultural if he did an interview with a Catholic media personage and explained how tough it was, how sorry he is, etc... ? After all, the mark of a Christian is not sinlessness but forgiveness so he is theoretically in safe and sympathetic company where that’s concerned. But, of course, only a saint would do that - admit they were struggling - and by definition he’s quite a sinner.  If he even believes in sin. 

He’s probably a bright guy, witness his getting pulled from the crowd of priestly candidates and getting to study in Rome.  (Or maybe not "getting" as it's likely a curse since Rome is a corrupting influence.)  That was in the ‘90s.  Pastor for a decade then back in Rome for a big gig from 2009-2013, probably getting further “romanized”there, before becoming associate general secretary at the USCCB in '16. 

Meanwhile Amy Welborn has an arresting post on how everybody's favorite, Fr. Ronald Knox, denied Communion to a truth-teller.  Ouch. 

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