July 21, 2021

The Gen Sec of the USCCB

It always shocks and amazes me when someone is more sinful than me, especially one high in the Catholic Church. 

So today I was gobsmacked by the “typical” thing in our church, meaning scandal. The general secretary of the USCCB was outed by the little-Pillar-that-could website, a small team that brought down the Goliath, a powerful gay mafia member in good standing.

I’m always puzzled by the impressive lack of discernment that the bishops seem to have concerning character.  Most obviously shown by Cardinal McCarrick, of course, but some might also think it with respect to Pope Francis.  It’s in the water these days. Honestly I think 9.5 out of 10 Catholic laymen would've been a better choice than the general secretary.  Or McCarrick.  

I'm not saying I would do much better at picking those of good character. After all, I was not astute enough to recognize the value of Trump and how he would show the swamp was worse than himself. 

All in all, I think a better way to pick bishops is to draw straws among priests like the apostles did with St. Matthias.  Same with popes. 

In this particular scandal the fellow had the impressive resume including “apostolic formation” at the pontifical college in Rome. Yikes.

So what is cheery about this? Merely no less than a soul was potentially saved.  This general secretary of the USCCB has seen the discipline of the Father, who chastises us in love. “God, who sends his gifts, also disciplines by means of punishments.” (Navarre commentary).

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