October 02, 2021

Beer Tasting and Manichean Fundamentalism

We're coming up on the 19th anniversary of the famous Bobber Beer test. So raise a glass of fresh Budweiser!  

I think part of the glories of the beer fail for me was that Hambone had such confidence in his conviction - a beautiful Manichean fundamentalism.  Beer was either old and horrible, or new and delicious and you had to accept that fact on faith (in Dave) alone. 

Part of my fascination is that at the time I was not a Manichean fundamentalist.  But time and events have transpired such that we're all Manichean fundamentalists now.  The media and elites have removed the ability to discern reason,  or who is telling the truth, so we're left to trusting in either Gateway Pundit or the NY Times.  And both require a leap of faith. 

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