January 06, 2022

The Order of Tragedies on 1/6

I rank the Trump supporters who entered the Capitol at only number 6 of the worst aspects of the events of 1/6.:

1. That our gov’t helped foment a riot on the Capitol.

2. That those held in D.C. jail are held in inhumane conditions without speedy trials. 

3. That the process of counting electoral votes was interfered with and delayed. 

4. That the government and press is covering up Fed role in the riot. 

5. That Ashli Babbitt, although involved in a crime, was killed without even a misdemeanor charge brought against the perpetrator. 

6. That hundreds of rioters broke windows and entered the Capitol illegally. 

7. That our national reputation with elites in Europe took a hit. 

8. That someone put his feet on Nancy Pelosi’s desk. 

9. That AOC was fearful. 

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