July 26, 2022

Serving All Your Doom & Gloom Needs

On his podcast Eric Metaxas, the author of a praised Bonhoeffer biography, constantly mirrors the sort of perpetual surprise that I do regarding the fall of equal protection under the law and the collapse of the media as watchdog for that.  It's the sort of thing that gobsmacks and of course we patriots run the risk of being cranks for exhibiting one-track minds on the subject. 

I was reading a novel about horse-racing and came across this paragraph (from "Lords of Misrule", an apt title for our current administration). "Medicine Ed" is a horse trainer of long experience who is like Metaxas and me:

Seem like every day since time he been thinking what a shame and pity it is how the world is coming down, how the pride of work has disappeared, until they just laugh at him, the boys that come on the racetrack now—how the horses is misused and abused, started out racing too young before they bones is hard, not rested proper and dosed with all kind of shots and pills, and so consequently don’t last—how these five-and-dime horsetrainers and they ten-cent owners anymore be tighter than the bark on a beech tree, when it come to anything but rush rush rush them horses back to the track and collect a bet. It ain’t no real sportsmen round here no more, if it ever was, or either sportswomen.

Seem like since time, that was the most fun old Medicine Ed been having, studying on it every day, every day, how this good thing has come down and this other thing that once was fine, has went to pieces on him.  Until he be sick and tired of his own self. 

I can relate. There ain't no real statesmen around, if there ever was, or stateswomen. 

A bishop on Twitter recently posted the daily Mass reading which emphasized treating the resident alien well.  Which always feels disingenuous given that immigrants at least have the heft and might of a political party (Democrats) and the media behind them. Their travails are certainly real but they are hardly marginalized in our society. In fact, they are given the privilege of breaking laws without real consequence. 

So I cheekily responded: “Let us not forget the truly marginalized, those without political party or institution backing them, those Jan 6rs imprisoned for trespassing and errant political thought.” 

You can say the Jan 6rs have it coming and my justice side well understands that. The problem with justice and mercy is I don't understand them as being compatible, but God somehow can. So I leave it to him. But I do understand the difference between someone paying for their "crimes" in spades, i.e the Jan 6rs - and those who enjoy their FBI pension despite treasonous acts that should land them in prison. 

The last five years have opened my eyes to the first time to injustice. I’m sure it existed before, say, 2015, but I was blind to it!  I thought the last injustice - prejudice against blacks primarily - was repudiated with the election of an African-American president.  Just as capitalism strutted and felt the conqueror after the Soviet Union fell, similarly I thought American injustice had fallen after 2008.  Time to move on! Ha, but history never ends nor does human nature... The socialists and the BLMs came back with a vengeance. 

It’s probably a healthy thing to understand, at last, what the Old Testament prophets were so exercised about. The American system seemed to have had an impervious nature to it, designed so expertly by the Founders, and yet we now plainly see that just like every banana republic in history the law is not blind and that it favors those with the regime’s political views. Liberals can be found guilty of contempt of Congress or lying to the FBI and face no repercussions while Steve Bannon and Michael Flynn are tried and convicted.  Antifa can get away with things a Jan 6 trespasser cannot. 

The Founders never envisioned or would've sanctioned a fourth branch of government, that of the administrative state, and so to some extent the system they designed is really not what is currently practiced. The hermeneutic of discontinuity applies. As Erik Prince, Navy Seal officer and founder of Blackwater said: “The real constitutional crisis is we have four branches of government…the fourth is that permanent state bureaucracy that is unaccountable  and they start to abuse those tools for the benefit of one political party.”

Part of my affection for the Jan 6rs is many of them had such an idealistic view of their country, not realizing they were walking into a trap laid for them. God love them, they really thought the Capitol was “the People’s House”.  One has been charged up to her neck despite trying to physically restrain an agitator (probably FBI plant) from breaking a window (see this).  

It's an ever source of surprise to learn that real history - and evil - occurs even in your own time. 

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