October 01, 2003

The Ham of Bone Saga

My friend Ham has now been out of work since May 30th. A very competent hard worker, he possessed the fatal flaw of many a competent hard worker: pride, manifested in an inability to get along with his boss. When the downsizing bell tolled, it tolled for him.

But death brings life and Bone has thrived in his new position as unpublished screenwriter and frugal savant. In fact, frugal doesn't begin to cut it. I apologize in advance to mention this, but he's a "one-square" TP man.

Via smoke and mirrors and unemployment compensation (and a low toilet paper budget), his family of six have scarcely touched the 12-weeks worth of severance money. It appears he'll stay solvent and not need a job through next year.

Part of his low cost of living is that mortgage (mortgage literally means 'death note') was paid off a couple years ago at the tender age of 37. Amazing.

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