June 30, 2021

On the Coming Civil War

“We live in Biblical times” said messianic rabbi Jonathon Cahn on the Eric Metaxas Show. Literally, he says, we’re replaying parts of the book of Kings with biblical figures or "types"  foreshadowing Trump, Pence, and Hillary. No matter the validity of that, there are sure a lot of poets and prophets seeing through the glass dimly but seeing nevertheless that this is unsustainable, the center will not hold.  Only the Spock-like rationalists fail to scent the spiritual and potentially kinetic warfare. 

But I think of how different this Cahn fellow is from a local pastor named John, who avoids political issues like the plague and praises the ordinary, saying how we don’t recognize the preciousness of the ordinary.  

One can see the truth in these very disparate points of view.  They both feel prophetic, to be honest. One sees our time as extraordinary and one of crisis. The other sees our time as one where shiny objects consume us to the detriment of realizing what’s really important. 

Who is right? 

Perhaps both in that crisis itself IS ordinary.  Elites oppress, it’s what they do. This was brought home rather well - and mirrors my own recent evolution - by Spencer Klavan: 

[This man] had no power, no advocate, just pain. Somehow, this astonished me. ‘My God, I thought, this guy is getting crushed and the people doing it don’t care. How can this be?’

But of course it has been, over and over. It’s not as if we weren’t warned. Hear the words of the Prophet Micah, Chapter 3: “You leaders of Jacob, you rulers of Israel...you hate good and love evil; you tear the skin from my people and the flesh from their bones; you eat my people’s flesh, strip off their skin, and break their bones in pieces, chop them up like meat for the pan, like flesh for the pot.” It is a governing theme of Hebrew Scripture, verging on an obsession: the heart of man will glut itself on evil if given half the chance.  

Long before Micah and Isaiah, when the Israelites asked for a king to rule over them, God told them how it would go: “He will take your sons and make them serve with his chariots and horses, and they will run in front of his chariots.... He will take your daughters to be perfumers and cooks and bakers.” That is what it would mean to “become like other nations,” to be ruled by men instead of God. That is the kind of king that men make. 

These are ancient truths. People like me, people who read the great old books, are supposed to know them. But I suppose I had not internalized them, not really. I lived so much of my life under the comfortable illusion that power in this country is safely restrained by civic virtue. A lot of us did. We do not realize yet that this is just what people in power do if you let them.  

They will continue to be this way, these kings and princes of our nation. They will do their best to spin the “Delta Variant” canard into more lockdowns. They will dare you to notice the irregularities in the New York City mayoral election. Eventually, they will call you a terrorist for doing so. I am not saying they will win all of these fights. But I am saying this is who they are.  

The corrupt leaders, the heedless bureaucrats, the sneering media apparatchiks: they are your enemies. They are the oldest enemy any people ever had, and they are not going to be changed or made to see reason. They are going to lie, and cheat, and steal, and eat the flesh of the poor. That is what they are philosophically dedicated to doing. They are not interested in anything else. 

And so they must simply be voted out, defied, and exposed. Do not trust them. Do not give them the benefit of the doubt. We are long past that. Now we have to defeat them and everything they stand for, in every state and locality where we can. And, God willing, we have to win.   

In other words, the evil of our elites only seems extraordinary to me because I was under a similar “comfortable illusion.” 


To me, the reaction to Trump was worse than Trump himself.  2016 was not a Flight 93 election, but the reaction to that result - an attempted coup hatched by the our elites, the death of journalism, and a likely fraudulent election - has reluctantly delivered us Flight 93. 

More shocking than whether there could be electronic machine fraud is that the subject - one literally raised by millions of Americans - was forbidden and closed off by almost all elites. That’s an incredible thing in itself.  As is said often, if there’s no fraud then why is it verboten to talk about potential vulnerabilities of the voting system? To me the reaction to even the suggestion of fraud is in itself a trigger of great civil unrest. 

I’m certainly not the least ways surprised by how malicious and injurious our spy agencies are. Nor am I surprised by a “justice” system run by and for the benefit of lawyers*. 

But I am genuinely surprised by the remarkable diminution of patriotism outside a portion of the Right and how voting systems like Dominion and ES&S have became a protected class more crucial to a democracy than the people themselves.  

Would that there was an alternative to electronic voting. Especially since voting systems tend toward increasing complexity and require exponentially increasing software updates while people  get dumber and/or more negligent.  That's a bad combination. I guess paper ballots are like the Latin Mass…widely used for ages and then suddenly discredited and banned.


* - “They don’t send the lawyers to jail because we run the country. We are still members of a privileged class in this country. We make the laws, and when we do so we make them advantageous to the lawyers.” - from here.

June 28, 2021

The Absurdism of Naked Men in Women's Spas

Amy Welborn blogs here about a woman explaining to a spa manager the obvious: that a naked man has no place in a woman's spa.  Indeed, until about three minutes ago that would rightfully get the man arrested. The silver lining is perhaps at some point it feels like reality-deniers will hit bottom and recover an interest in reality. We can only hope the woke will recognize reductio ad absurdum rather than credo quia absurdum.  The woke religionists need their version of a religious leader interested in faith and reason.

Really, though, the last few years it's been a constant educational experience for me in how lows are getting lower. 

Look at this from Joe Oltmann from Colorado:  

"I had a conversation with my friend’s daughter… she asked to sit down with me and talk to me about her journey. I have always tried to encourage my friends kids to think for themselves and to act courageously. I was not prepared for this conversation, but I’m looking forward to sitting down with her and talking about it more. One thing she said is my courage has given her courage…. At least this horrible path has given someone enlightenment..

See she came out as bisexual in high school. I never questioned her about her sexuality, because I was taught to accept people where they are not where you want them to be. That and it’s none of my business. But this conversation is about her discovering who she really is and how came to that conclusion. 

She told me that she felt pressure in high school to become bisexual because teachers and students were pushing kids this direction. She felt as if her friends and faculty would not except her if she did not consider herself bisexual. She caved to the peer pressure and that took a heavy toll on her over the last five years. She went so far as to have relationships with women. She felt based on the conversations she was having that if she didn’t date women people would see her as a fake or fraud. I cannot imagine how it must’ve felt to make all your decisions based on the pressure in school and society. School is supposed to be a safe place where do you learn about the fundamental basics that lead to opportunity. It is supposed to be a place of self discovery not forced adaptation.

She told me in our initial conversation, 'I’m not bisexual.' She also told me she is having conversations with other people who have been forced to call themselves gay lesbian transsexual bisexual, all because they were pressured or told that they would be accepted if they did. I am rarely shocked by conversations I have today but this one shook me. 

What have we done to our children when we cannot protect them from basic pressures that affect the rest of their lives? What have we done to our children when we allow teachers to fundamentally alter children’s mindset? What have we done to our children when we did not pay attention to what was happening in our schools? The same teachers are getting our children to adapt to pronouns, question their sexuality, and pressuring them to become a part of their cultish environment. 

I cannot imagine a more heart wrenching thing to have anyone’s child experience. These people are evil and we need to stop pretending they are not activists trying to destroy our society and kill the spirit of our children. 

Share this message…. I don’t have the words to describe the anger I feel and I have not even gotten the chance to hear her out. How many other children have we lost because of these activist teachers and sick ideology they put in our education environments? They are murdering our kids. That is not hyperbole, that is fact and we have not decided they are collectively worth enough to make our  stand for them."

June 22, 2021

Alma Mater Miami, A Love Story

Reading some early history of Miami U. in Ohio and it’s fascinating how history repeats.  For example, student protests led to great tension between the college administrators and the students. Sounds like the 1960s, right?  Except it’s the 1840s.  But the rebellions were over markedly different issues in substance: in the ‘40s the students chafed at the university being like what a seminary is today: morning and evening prayers, two services on Sundays, religious education, etc.. 

In the 1960s, it started with the civil rights movement, then moved to anti-war, then to women’s lib and gay liberation. 

Miami’s presidents also seemed to parallel in some ways with America’s. In both cases the first president was a revered, charismatic figure: George Washington and Robert Hamilton Bishop. Both were authoritarians but with a merciful streak that gave play to mild rebellions. 

Then came the second presidents, both of whom were monarchical but without much mercy or tolerance.  George Junkin would’ve approved of what John Adams did - to make it a crime to criticize the president.  Junkin resigned after only three years and Adams would become the first one-term president. Junkin said a “monarchical system best suits a college administration, with the President serving as King” and Adams leaned more closely to favoring monarchy than the other Founders. The president, E. McMaster, was of the same philosophy as Junkin.

After student protests, rebellions and a greatly reduced student body, the board of trustees capitulated and appointed a “liberal”, William Anderson, who joined a fraternity to show he was one of the boys.  This was like Thomas Jefferson’s becoming president in that Jefferson believed in a more grassroots democracy. 

The big American shockwave came not with Jefferson but with Andrew Jackson, who was far more of a populist and a break from the Founding generation of scholars.  Adams and Jefferson feared the beginning of the end of America with his election in 1828, just 40 years after Washington was inaugurated president. 

And in Miami, the big break came 40 years after Bishop was made president, when the inmates (the kids) began running the asylum, basically choosing William Anderson via their antics and protests. 

Was Jefferson's view of small 'd' democracy right? Or was Adams'? Too soon to tell but given human nature both views are ineffective. 


I recall strolling center campus in the early '80s, right outside the holy temple of the honors dorm which was named in honor of that first President, a Scot.  (Interestingly, on a podcast I was listening to recently mentioned the Scots as having saved civilization, or at least done everything for us from the Scottish enlightenment to Scots literally teaching some of our Founding Fathers in the early grades, in the mid-1800s.) 

On the northwest side of campus there are the Formal Gardens with a large memorial stone from Scotland placed in 1989 for Bishop. His actual grave is somewhere nearby; he was a fan of Indian mounds and wanted his to be a small mound without a stone. A nice touch of eccentricity and one that made me want to try to find the location, like a geocache.  I looked on Google maps, studied old pictures when his remains were transferred there (62 years ago yesterday), and tried to decipher vegetation clues and disturbed earth. Yes, probably not the best use of time...

From a poster on “Find a Grave” site:

I think there are Blue Bells on the grave in the formal gardens. I found the grave while looking for God.  In my junior year, Bishop Hall, an honors women's residence saved my life. I honor our first president, man of faith and proponent of freedom, including for slaves. Thank you, Dr. Bishop and wife Irene as well, and all those who taught them well in Scotland and in America.

Elsewhere on the 'net:

Upon his death in 1855, Bishop was buried alongside his wife in Cincinnati, but was relocated on June 20, 1959 to an unmarked grave close to the Formal Gardens. If one looks closely past the circle, one can see a slight raise in the ground, like pregnant grass, behind Bishop Circle. It resembles an Indian Mound.

I tried to find online the mound in which he was originally buried, studying the topography and Google street views of the old Farmers College (then Ohio Military Institute, then a high school, then...). 


June 21, 2021

Jena Griswold's Odd Behavior

The Colorado Sec of State has been a figure of interest ever since she monkeyed around with the Sec of State website, "cleaning" it of anything Dominion related just a couple of weeks after the election. 

Her backstory is she's a wunderkind of American politics, plucked by obscurity and mediocrity by Obama, married to an Egyptian Muslim "obsessed with cybersecurity" but never seen in any family photos on her campaign and twitter feeds.  An international man of mystery. 

I posted about her here

Journalism has died leaving it to the amateurs so I was glad to see this investigative thread from an attorney in D.C.:

We reviewed the Dominion.pdf file that Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold had removed from the Colorado Sec of State website back in November.  She was being called out for removing a Dominion document from the Colorado Secretary of State website (http://sos.state.co.us). She then added it back, but with redactions. 

Sadly for these criminals, we know how to archive. 

The question is simple.  Why is Colorado Secretary of State Jenna Griswold trying to hide the fact that a former Dominion Executive is certifying voting systems for the United States Election Commission?

After a lawmaker from CO visited the AZ audit and called for an audit in CO, Sec of State Griswold adopted emergency election rules prohibiting 3rd parties from accessing voting equipment. 

(More here.) 


Meanwhile, it'd be nice to hear why this chart behavior in the GA runoff:


June 17, 2021

Are You a Christian Nationalist?

One of the more encouraging signs of late is the failure of the GOP establishment to bring things "back to normal" and return to managing decline. Once you give the people a voice and a sense of their own agency, it's hard to put that toothpaste back in the tube.  

There's a new freedom. We don't have to accept the rainbow taken over as pride in sin. We don't have to go along with the official narrative from our cyber insecurity group, our FBI, or with Stacey Abram's power grab.  We don't have to accept the 1-2% (or more) of fraud that accompanies each election. We may have to have a parallel social media environment, but so be it. Samizdat! We can organize without the the tech giants or the media. The true spirit of the American people is that we are slow to rouse but once roused look out. 

For those of us weaned on David Letterman, the detachment and the lack of earnestness was sort of the default condition. Patriotism was somewhat corny or boring - until we lost it. Now it seems a precious thing. I recall going to DooDah parades in the Short North that basically take patriotism and turn it into a joke. I'm no longer laughing. 


Listened to Pastor Greg Locke on Eric Metaxas podcast. There seems to be such a groundswell of both Catholics and Protestant Christians who've caught the patriotic fever, mirrored by the prophecy around Trump (both Prot and Cath) and David French, perhaps, may find himself fighting against God to borrow from Gamaliel in the book of Acts. 

A few snippets: 

EM: The Founders understood if we the people don’t understand that faith and virtue is what holds self-government together and protects the weak then it all falls apart. People think now you can have goodness without God.

GL: A lady from China said at a church meeting, ‘We want America to see revival, but the Chinese Christians are not praying for revival, we are praying for America to see persecution because that will bring the revival.'

EM: I think this time is a wakeup call to the average American to say, ‘wow, look how bad it can get. We didn’t think it would get this bad....It’s the one thing God uses in history to wake his people up...Most Americans have been sleepwalking, not realizing things could get satanically bad. What happened to China, what happened to Germany in the ‘30s, those are people just like us and we are not immune to that. We are going through a season now where we’re seeing what could happen if God’s people and the good patriots do not stand up and fight. And you talk about this from your pulpit, you don’t have a problem with talking about it. 

GL: If we don’t call out corrupt politics we’re not going to have a platform from which to even preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. We’re giving our rights away [and] we have a pastor problem in America. 

EM: You’re right, the church is so timid today, it’s like evangelicals have bought into an idea - which is profoundly unbiblical - that being a Christian is being nice and never fighting for anything because we don’t want to destroy our witness.  If you’re not fighting against evils what kind of gospel are you preaching?

There’s a passivity in the church. Scripturally God gives his people authority that if you are acting in the name of Jesus and with the power of the Holy Spirit you have authority, but most people think that’s presumptuous but that’s not biblical.  We’re supposed to act. 

GL:  I’m asked, ‘well isn’t this arrogant?’ I say don’t mistake arrogance for passion. I’m passionate about standing for the Bible and in this case the Constitution because we do have a Republic to save. 

EM: Many Christians think we don’t want to fight for America, as if that’s a dirty thing, as if that’s jingoistic chest-building. They think it’s about building up the kingdom of America and clearly that’s not what we’re saying.

GL: CNN recently came to our church and asked, “Are you a Christian nationalist?” I said if you mean by that I love the nation and that I follow Jesus Christ then absolutely, but to them those two terms are irreconcilable. They can’t understand how can you love God and love the nation. My question is how can you not love God and not love the nation, because he’s a God of nations, the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob, the God of Israel. The gospel the redemption is for all nations. 

EM: We are an idea, not a tribe, and we are the nation for other nations. Why did Lincoln say ‘we are the last best hope of earth?’  Because God cares about every nation beyond America and he has blessed this nation to be a light of liberty for them. 


June 16, 2021

Get Thee Away From Me NRSV

It always amazes me when a Christian translation committee, in this case the New Revised Standard folks, bend over backward so far to not prejudice the text in favor of Christ that they bend it to be biased against Christ.  (It's the sort of thing we see constantly in science as well and other disciplines.) 

One small example I happened across recently, Psalm 22:16 (NRSVCE): “For dogs are all around me; a company of evildoers encircles me. My hands and feet have shriveled.” 

Not: “they have pierced my hands and my feet” as it is customarily rendered. 

I looked at a commentary and I suppose the translators are leaning on the Hebrew text from the Middle Ages instead of one from before Christ:

From a commentary: 

Psalm 22:12–18 (Psalms 1-41 (James M. Boice)): “A special word should be said about verse 16, which is translated, 'they have pierced my hands and my feet.' The word pierced is the most striking indication of a crucifixion in the entire psalm, but it is well known that the Masoretic (or vowel-pointed) text of the Middle Ages does not actually read 'pierced.' As it stands, the word in the text should be rendered 'as a lion.'

A translator must always be careful how he or she disagrees with the Masoretic text, particularly when there is no explicit textual variant to base an alternative translation on. Yet in this case there seems to be good reason for doing so. For one thing, the Septuagint (Greek) translation of the Old Testament, produced a century or two before the Christian era and therefore an unbiased witness, rendered the word 'pierced.' 

Second, the other major versions also translate the Hebrew this way. Third, the meaning 'as a lion' has little sense in the context and leaves the phrase in question without an explicit verb (it would have to be supplied from the preceding line). This suggests that the Masoretic text with its vowel pointing is just wrong and that alternative vowels should be supplied.”

I think I've red-pilled off the Masoretic after reading this

For me another amazing thing thing is that St. Paul in Corinthians actually quotes directly from the Septuagint.  “Now is an acceptable time” is only in the Greek translation that includes the extra six Catholic books in the Bible. So apparently what’s good enough for St. Paul is not good enough for many Christians who, when Martin Luther came around, rejected the Septuagint. 

June 12, 2021

Motive, Means, Opportunity

 Michael Brendan Daugherty says with conviction: “it was a secure election” if tellingly adding, “...the results were as expected.”  As if the “expected” results should be the criteria on fraud. 

Election fraud is one of those things where any given single data item taken alone may not stand. (Of course, there are claims of murder weapon equivalents which, if the elites would be interested could prove...interesting.) 

The circumstantial evidence is that you have:

... a very unpopular president with nearly all elites but most especially those with business interests in China and our internal spy agencies. You also have an actor in head of security at Dominion who was fervently anti-Trump. (Motive.) 

You have the means, the tools and methods. This was shown by how voting machines are connected to the Internet, by the adjudication system, and by the lack of ballot control and oversight. 

You have the opportunity, an election in which a few counties in a few swing states would determine the outcome. 

There's also the blemished history: the spy agencies actively engaging in the Russia collusion hoax with key FBI promising to take care of Trump, you have language like that echoed by Eric Coomer of Dominion pre-2020, you have voting stopping in the middle of the night in several states which was what was done in other countries in the past during rigs, you have the voting technology that has been used in other countries in nefarious ways. 

June 10, 2021

Peggy Noonan's Comic Column

If you want a parody of how insular and willfully blind an elite columnist can be, look no farther than Peggy Noonan.

Her latest is titled Why We Can't Move On from Jan. 6 which starts the ball rolling with this self-refuting laugher: 

"The only thing that can stop it is true facts independently developed and presented with respect—and receipts. [Yes! Yes! Preach it Peggy!] How did 1/6 happen, who was behind it..."[Uh, but, not the root cause, 11/2!?]

Her amazingly oxymoronic take is people who want election security have "given up on democracy".

No, the folks who have given up on democracy are those incurious about its underpinning, election security. Clear up 11/2 anxieties with “true facts” and you’ll clear up 1/6. 

Her mindset is in tune with the folks at Twitter, YouTube and Facebook: do not look closely under the rock of electronic voting systems but instead focus on killing the funding and speech of the costumed 1/6 crazies. 

What I’d give for a Noonan deep dive into Matt DePerno’s case. Or for Noonan to call Sens Klobuchar, Warren and the makers of HBO docu “Kill Chain” grifters (because what's good for the goose is good for the gander, right?)

Noonan may well be of the Cokie Roberts school of pragmatism, seeing corruption as the price for order. Roberts always amazed me that as a Catholic she could support pro-abort Democrats because, well, corruption (even death for babies) is the price of order and the welfare of the poor.  Perhaps Noonan would prefer to live under a regime of a potentially illegitimate president, like the Tories during the American Revolution.  That's fine, but be transparent about it. 

Or perhaps she's feeling guilty of her Irish forebears who voted for whiskey and thinks it's no different when Dominion rigs an election if they can do it without leaving tracks. 

A big reveal came at the column's beginning when she discussed her hyper concern for how the Euro elites see her, oops, I mean us.  She was celebrating New Years' Eve with a European diplomat and they shrugged in mutual disbelief at Americans acting, well, like Americans, ie. lovers of freedom who were willing to question the authority and competency of "experts" who assured us our election was safe. 

And we can't have American peasants acting up around our betters, can we? 

Joe Oltmann Don't Mess Around

 Business owner Joe Oltmann on his Conservative Daily podcast:

“I went to an LPR event and ran into Wayne Williams, the guy that I have been at odds with. He was Secretary of State of Colorado and now is a county commissioner.  

I [ask], ‘Wayne, where’s your curiosity?  Why are you fighting so hard to say that this is the gold standard when we have data that [says otherwise]?” 

He said, “We did an audit. We did the image audit and it lined up.” 

“Well the images you get from Dominion Voting Systems is ‘garbage in, garbage out’.”  

“What are you talking about?”  

“You can manipulate the images.”  

“No you can’t”.

“Yes you can. Because if you take into account the adjudicated ballots those images are on the intent, so those things are replaced with the ballot of intent.”  

“Well, still, it aligned.”  

“We have to have a paper ballot challenge, inspect and audit every paper ballot in El Paso County. And if you go through that process and have people on both sides of the aisle, people who are curious and interested in whether the election was legitimate....Can we do that?” 


“Dominion and SmartMatic are saying ‘well I have to protect our IP, [intellectual property]'. Let me explain what an election system is supposed to do. It’s supposed to count. Just count. It is supposed to say, ‘I voted for this person, it goes into this bucket’.  

“Is the IP in the adjudication process?  Or maybe it’s in fractional voting, the ability to manipulate votes within the system?  These are the questions I have for Dominion Voting Systems.  As we get further down the rabbit hole it becomes evident that these parroted remarks and things they do in our society are designed to disrupt and destroy and make us distrust each other while they’re over there counting their ducats.”


“We are going to take back the WH sooner than you think. What I mean by that is we have grown tired of tyranny. And people say, ‘oh well they have big planes and can bomb us’.  Really? I think people in the military have taken an oath to protect us and the fascists are not going to be able to weed it all out. And that courage will start to sprout up and we will be able to take back our community.” 

June 04, 2021

Pope Francis Loves to Shock Us

I know it's not good to speak ill of the dead or the pope but I'm intrigued by Pope Francis's attachment to Judas.  John Zmirak has a fascinating three-parter on it here

I wonder if there’s a similarity between Martin Luther and Francis. Both exhibit a temper, both ambitious, both merciless towards their enemies while merciful to their friends, both exponents at times of a wild, unchecked mercy. 

Part of it may just be the garden variety temptation to loathe mystery. It’s very hard to understand this world, why things are, and we don’t like to simply accept something as unknown. We don’t like not having the answers so we provide them to ourselves, in this case whether Judas (and, by extension, everyone) is saved. 


Had interesting debate with someone who no longer gives money to charity.  He said it’s a waste and it’s not sacrificial. Our time is far more sacrificial than our money at this point.  Which is true. I argued that the reason we have the extra money is to give it away and that we live in this dollar bubble in which we think money is widely available when it isn’t many. He said that the poor in this country are poor for cultural reasons.  I said then what about donating overseas? He agreed that is better since they are more deserving, but went back to the fact that it’s too easy for us to give money. I thought later of the line from Jesus: “I desire mercy not sacrifice” but sometimes it’s both - to sacrifice one’s time is an act of mercy.  The sacrifice has to come out mercy rather than stand alone on its own.  The act of alleviating suffering is not an end in itself but the means to the end, that is towards being Christ. 

June 03, 2021

Patrick Byrne on Discerning the Authentic

Interesting to hear Patrick Byrne comment on the question many have, i.e. who's who in the zoo of election security field.  Grift versus non-grift:

Many of my followers ask me about the authenticity or agendas of various individuals and channels  on Telegram.

In these extraordinary times, one must pray for a high level of discernment.

There are many wolves in sheep clothing. I have discovered quite a few in my life over the past several months. Hint: CIA money is thrown around everywhere!

The best answer I can offer is to focus on the message, not the messenger.

Remember, God works through non-believers too!!!


In these extraordinary times, it is also difficult to discern who is our enemy and who is our ally. 

An enemy government might be an ally to accomplish a common goal. And an “ally” might be an enemy if its government has on objective inconsistent with America’s objective. 

Example: Russian government was our ally in World War 2 to defeat Germany but has always been viewed as our enemy.

Another example: The U.K. government was our ally in WW1 and WW2. But has the U.K. monarchy remained our enemy since we whipped them in the Revolutionary War?

A note of caution. Always try to distinguish the people of a country from its government. 

I believe a huge number of Chinese love America and our freedom. CCP does not. I think the Brits love us like siblings but the Queen/monarchy not so much.

Make sense?