March 09, 2006

How Dana Reeve Broke Her Vows & Other Random Thoughts

Dana Reeve, the anti-Michael Schiavo, was an impressive person. Yesterday I heard an excerpt from a talk she gave in which she admitted she was faithful to her wedding vow to love him in sickness and in health. But she said she wasn't faithful with respect to another vow: to "love, honor and cherish him till death do us part". She said she still loves, honors and cherishes him after his death. One hopes they are together now.

A new game show - 'Name That Blogger':
Let's admit it: what Orwell would call "doublethink" is impossible to divorce from Christianity. The Founder of Christianity is fully divine and fully human. He was born of a virgin. He said that those who seek to save their lives will lose them, but that those who lose their lives for His sake will find them--among other paradoxical statements. From the beginning, Christians have known this wedding together of contradictions; and we have run with it ever since. From the unity of Heaven and earth at every Mass, through the fusing of the annual and the eternal in the liturgical year, to the inclusion of both kings and medicants--among endless unlikely pairs--in the Communion of Saints . . . we can't seem to help it.
From the same post:
Christianity, especially Catholic Christianity, is an historical faith. We base everything on the fact that a certain person existed in time and that He really, truly rose from the dead as He said He would...This is why the Faith and the Church are so open to attacks of the conspiracy theory variety...As a consequence, about 80% of apologetics involves the citing of historical records. Everything from Scripture and the writings of the Early Church Fathers, to the accounts of "secular" historians is admissible as evidence. Just as the trial is proceeding nicely, however, the prosecution hysterically accuses Catholics of altering all the records--or at least preserving the positive ones while suppressing the negative ones. Therefore, we cannot use any of them to make our case. What a Catch-22!
Answer: Enbrethiliel. Hopefully I've whetted your appetite sufficently to read the whole thing.

Everyday I check to see if Bill Luse came out of his bloghole and saw his shadow. Nope, no posts today, which means six more weeks of Lent.

Small town newspapers are the best. The police blotter blots quirky items, such as the poor soul who got arrested last week for DUI. He had stopped to ask a police officer for directions. Not only does he face the pain of a court case, but the ignomy of the rest of us fellow y-chromozone types wondering why a fellow male would actually stop and ask for directions. He must've been drunk.

Newspaper headline in today's Dispatch: "Book Portrays Bonds As Steroid User". Tomorrow's headline "Book Portrays Pope As Catholic".

Saw the Crunchy Con maestro Rod Dreher on "Fox and Friends" and there was something about him....his word inflection, his jaw, the talking out of the side of his mouth and tilt of the head. Who did he remind me of? I replayed it with the sound off. Then one last time with the sound back on... Yes! E.J. Dionne, the liberal Catholic writer/pundit. Same soft voice and measured tones too. And speaking of Democrat-leaning Catholics, ol' Rod surprised me with the news from the Crunchy blog today that he, according to Jonah Goldberg, "supported a pro-choice liberal Democrat against a pro-life Republican incumbent in his local congressional race. Why? Because Joe Barton doesn't care enough about air pollution." Interesting. And here I thought the right to life was foundational, unlike the right to clean air. Rod we hardly knew ye.

Down in the weightroom (sing to tune "Down in the Valley") they posted a study done of drinkers of diet sodas. It claims you're more likely to get fat from drinking diet drinks than from drinking caloric drinks like regular Coke. Of course I have my doubts about the study, wondering if this is a case where those prone to obesity are more likely to have to worry about weight and thus more likely to be drinking diet sodas, but what was funny was how they suggested the reason is the sweet taste of diet drinks makes your body think it will get the calories and when it doesn't you seek them all the more from your other foods. In other words drink your malts and shakes and calorie-rich drinks so your body won't seek calories elsewhere...

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